Top 11 cheap places to travel solo female: Budget-Friendly Vacation Spots

Top 11 cheap places to travel solo female: Budget-Friendly Vacation Spots

I've enlisted some brilliant women, queens of solo travel, to talk about their unique experiences when I usually do not travel alone. I will introduce Deirdre, Amie & Evelina through the entire post. These women have actually travelled far and wide and they are filled with knowledge, with some great insider tips for you from South America to Asia and Europe. As Tally claims it!“if you have any booking about solo travel, just do” Read on to find out about their top picks of cheap places to visit as a solo feminine…

To present a overview that is short it had been clear that South East Asia was a hot favourite among all 4, providing great bargain and amazing activities. Tally provides some understanding of her locations that are favourite South America & Deirdre points out the fantastic places to consider in Europe.

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South East Asia

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Here's Top 11 places to travel solo female

1. Vietnam

 cheap places to travel solo female

First up for cheap places to travel to as a solo feminine is Vietnam. 3/4 associated with the women mentioned Vietnam as a popular.

Tally notes that many people travel alone to Vietnam, so you won't be alone. She said that the genuine number and variety of hostels is fantastic, the foodstuff had been brilliant therefore the experiences had been incredible. She claims she didn’t skimp on tasks as well as while doing the greater expensive tasks, her spend that is daily had been simply £35.

One Tally that is negative mentioned that buses can be awkward as you arrive really early to places, sometimes around 4 in the morning. Tally avoided buses which are using fortunately, domestic routes were really cheap.

Evelina talks about Northern Vietnam as being pretty affordable, sometimes she had been only a little on edge with utilizing her phone, but other than that she nevertheless felt quite safe. Her items that are favourite do there had been the Ha Giang cycle and Cat Ba island.

Amie also pointed out going to Hanoi as well as the Ha Giang loop and that the quality of accommodation for the cost you pay was top in Vietnam.

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2. Thailand

cheap places to travel solo female

Tally discusses Thailand and how people begin their travels in Bangkok. She ended up being barely ever on her behalf own in Thailand and thought it was a destination that is truly social. This makes it a destination that is fantastic travel solo. She states you get a total lot of support travelling in Thailand and enjoyed the meals here, mentioning you will get meals for approximately £1.50.

Evelina additionally describes why Thailand is excellent to travel alone. “Northern Thailand is one of the safest and most affordable areas to visit. Chiang Mai is fantastic, it is very safe and budget friendly with great meals and people being great. It's surrounded by hills with plenty of digital nomads and things to do.

You can find amazing coffee shops and a laid back vibe. It is not too busy, perhaps not too quiet and it has plenty of possibilities to meet people.”

3. Indonesia

 cheap places to travel solo female

Deirdre mentioned that “Indonesia stands out as one of the greatest places i've travelled to solo. Everything from food to accommodation is affordable. The locals in Java and Sumatra had been always up for a chat we enjoyed and this aided me feel more at ease beside me which. The hostels I made pals to hang away with in no time. which I remained in were social and”

Amie also pointed out Bali, Indonesia to be a favourite on her. When it comes to in general spending money, it goes extremely far in Bali.

Indonesia is quite diverse you can observe orangutans, Java in the centre where you can go hiking volcanoes and find out a multitude of temples while you have actually Sumatra up North where. Bali could be the hottest for tourists and digital nomads who like a lifestyle that is relaxed. This is a surfing that is popular too.

For more inspiration that is bali read my 2 time Munduk itinerary and getting to the gili islands.

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4. Laos

 cheap places to travel solo female

Evelina & Tally both talk about Laos. They both adored it was super affordable. Evelina mentions there were plenty of backpackers, delicious meals, great hostels and availability of transportation. Plus, the nature is stunning here.

On the other hand she did state as it is a superb place to backpack that it's an unhealthy country and it lacks infrastructure – a lack of hygiene, poor/dusty roadways, lots of rubbish but don’t be frustrated!

5. Peru

 cheap places to travel solo female

Tally talks about how exactly Peru is a great spot that is inexpensive travel being a solo feminine. It is known by her is quite affordable but there are loads to complete there which can increase the price. It is an place that is extremely safe travel and a good starting place for folks. She thought Peru had the foodstuff that is best in South America.

A few of the popular activities to do in Peru consist of; hiking the Inca Trail, exploring the Amazon rainforest, hiking Macha Picchu & visiting Lake Titicaca to call a few.

6. Bolivia

cheap places to travel solo female

Tally actually enjoyed Bolivia and would suggest it for solo feminine travellers. She felt really safe there and thought it had been extremely relaxed. It had been said by her was really cheap and the food was okay. The salt flats trip ended up being the BEST thing she did in South America. 

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7. Bosnia & Herzegovina

 cheap places to travel solo female

Deirdre suggests Sarajevo that is visiting. “I took a free trek in Sarajevo, where I learnt everything there is to know about the city and received a ton of great recommendations for places to eat locally. I'd highly recommend planning to the memorial Gallery 11/07/95 to know about the Srebrenica massacre.”

She enjoyed the pretty town that is old of too. “The primary activities include crossing the river on foot, taking in views of the ancient bridge, and touring a few museums." Deirdre & Niamh, the 2 siblings behind  both healthcare that is full-time who love to spend their time-off travelling (mostly solo) while documenting their activities and sharing top recommendations as you go along.

8. Romania

 cheap places to travel solo female

Deirdre implies heading to Cluj Napoca in Romania if you're looking for a weekend that is cheap. “The old city is stunning, especially around the Christmas markets.”

She availed of the hiking that is free and strolled across the city after. Also, Deirdre noted that there's not a pile that is entire do into the type of sightseeing, however it is perfect for a weekend. Plus, be sure to put up as it gets excessively cool!

9. Northern Croatia

 cheap places to travel solo female

Zagreb, Croatia Deirdre enjoyed her amount of time in Croatia. She advises if you're planning for a road that is european, to consider the Croatian towns of Rovinj, Pula additionally the mountain villages of Grozjnan and Motovun. You choose to do require a automobile to get there as they are from the beaten track.

Deirdre has been south to Dubrovnik as well but noticed it was way more costly down here, so head North if you should be on a spending plan.

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10. Bulgaria

 cheap places to travel solo female

Finally Deirdre suggests Sofia being a place that is inexpensive travel being a solo female. “The food and drinks are excellent, and everything is incredibly affordable. Her highlight was doing a time that is hiking towards the seven lakes with Get Your Guide. 

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11. Pamplona, Spain