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1982 vs. 2022: Greed vs. Giving

1982 vs. 2022: Greed vs. Giving

There were several on the nose comparisons in 2022 to 1982, supremely considering it was forty years prior. Like multiple emails to Acorns subscribers on
CAPCs Most-Read Articles of 2022

CAPCs Most-Read Articles of 2022

Below are the 15 most-read wares of 2022. They’re just a sampling of the many, many spanking-new pieces that we published on a variety of
Bitching about it

Bitching about it

‘Culture & Démocratie’ editor Hélène Hiessler talks to journalist Elena Diouf well-nigh ‘bitches’, weaponizing vituperate and deflecting stereotypes. Hélène Hiessler: How did you come to be
The disgrace of French Catholicism

The disgrace of French Catholicism

The report on Sexual Violence in the Catholic Church: France 1950–2020, released on 5 October 2021 by the Independent Legation on Sexual Vituperate in the


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Fluid feelings
World on borrowed time
Memorial endgame


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Diversionary tacticsculture

Diversionary tactics

Alexandr Lukashenka has achieved his goal. The humanitarian slipperiness on the Belarusian-Polish verge is diverting international sustentation from the state slipperiness in the Republic of
On the rubble of the rule of lawculture

On the rubble of the rule of law

The limited success of the EU’s and its institutions’ attempts to ensure that Poland complies with Europe’s legal standards can be put lanugo first to
Ukraine at 30: A glass half-fullculture

Ukraine at 30: A glass half-full

Krytyka editor-in-chief George G. Grabowicz takes the 30th year-end of Ukrainian independence as the occasion for a summing up, ‘even if only a preliminary one’.
Venting with Mario Vargas Llosaculture

Venting with Mario Vargas Llosa

Letras Libres marks the twentieth year-end of its Spanish edition with a new short story by Mario Vargas Llosa, in which the 85-year-old novelist presents
Rwandan lessonsculture

Rwandan lessons

Esprit features an vendible by the historian Vincent Duclert, throne of the legation set up by Emmanuel Macron in 2019 to examine French involvement in the
Planetary imaginationculture

Planetary imagination

‘The COP system is broken. It has failed, year on year, to unhook the necessary whoopee within the time frame that’s required, pointing towards a
Rethinking school, rebuilding societyculture

Rethinking school, rebuilding society

‘It’s unchangingly nonflexible to separate “school” from problems with a particular teacher’, a student recently admitted to me. Young people’s experiences of school moreover play
From one gap to anotherculture

From one gap to another

In January 2018 LinkedIn published its first overly Economic Graph report. These reports provide a picture of the job market and thus identify the variegated
Education under pressureculture

Education under pressure

‘When am I plane going to need this?’ – the kids in my superintendency have asked me this a thousand times since we started homeschooling
False dawn over Pragueculture

False dawn over Prague

The recent parliamentary referendum in the Czech Republic, in which the centre-right electoral bloc SPOLU toppled the populist ANO, led by the billionaire tycoon Andrej
An epidemic of fatigueculture

An epidemic of fatigue

Photo by Kristina Tripkovic on Unsplash The COVID-19 pandemic continues to dramatically transpiration our lives on a daily basis. The initial full lockdown that was imposed