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  • Fluid feelings

    Fluid feelings

    Emotional responses determine gender norms for women in the Indian workplace, writes Rukmini Barua in L’Homme. An investigation of feminine domesticity and social respectability amongst the urban working classes in the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries reveals how ‘the domestic ideal’ – emphasising ‘seclusion, chastity, modesty, prudence, homeliness and companionship in marriage’ – creates tensions […] More

  • World on borrowed time

    World on borrowed time

    In Esprit, Nicolas Léger discusses the way that cultural industries and digital technology both exacerbate and remedy feelings of helplessness in a society unchangingly on the verge of ‘shipwreck’. As crises unfold on our screens at an increasing rate, ‘our position is very often that of the spectator, sometimes to the point of exhaustion’. At […] More

  • Tech visions, tech dilemmas

    Tech visions, tech dilemmas

    Self-driving cars, fusion reactors, space colonization – there is no shortage of inspiring visions of the future. They just unchangingly seem to remain at well-nigh ten years distance. What is hype and what is serious when it comes to predicting the minutiae of future technologies? Vikerkaar posed this question to twenty-four experts, working in fields […] More

  • How COVID-19 became a ‘crisis’

    This vendible was published by Public Seminar on 4 November 2021. We are in crisis. Nothing could be increasingly self-evident: a global pandemic has ravaged the human species. But wait — what does it midpoint to undeniability an open-ended event that is playing out over a period of years a ‘crisis’? If humans live with viruses, […] More

  • Traveling To The Netherlands? Here’s What You Absolutely Must Eat

    There is so much increasingly to Dutch supplies than stroopwafel and fries, and most people have yet to discover the delicious, carb-heavy, cheesy delights that you can wits while visiting the Netherlands. Supplies in the Netherlands is rustic, comforting, and is influenced by its old colonies, Indonesia in particular. Here are some succulent eats you […] More

  • The Best Things To Do In Montclair New Jersey

    The Best Things To Do In Montclair, New Jersey

    At first glance, you might be surprised to hear that there are some pretty unconfined destinations to throne to in New Jersey. Unfortunately, the state does not have the weightier reputation. We’re here to show you that there are trappy spots to visit there, expressly when it comes to the municipality of Montclair. If you […] More

  • The disgrace of French Catholicism

    The report on Sexual Violence in the Catholic Church: France 1950–2020, released on 5 October 2021 by the Independent Legation on Sexual Vituperate in the Catholic Denomination (CIASE), had an explosive impact both inside and outside the Church. This was primarily considering of its estimate of the number of underage victims of sexual vituperate single-minded […] More

  • Refusing refugees: on forced migration

    Editor-in-chief Réka Kinga Papp asks Ranabir Samaddar, distinguished chair in migration and forced migration studies of the Mahanirban Calcutta Research Group in Kalkota, India. He was moreover a visiting fellow older this year at Eurozine’s long-time collaborator, the Institute of Human Sciences in Vienna. More

  • Hotels With The Best Afternoon Tea Around The World

    Hotels With The Best Afternoon Tea Around The World

    Afternoon tea traditions stage when to 1840 Britain, when the seventh Duchess of Bedford Anne, who was a lady-in-waiting for Queen Victoria, felt that she was too hungry and impatient in between lunch and dinner and decided to ask for a mid-afternoon snack of cake, bread, and tea. Traditional Afternoon Tea The idea then quickly […] More

  • Belarusian futures past

    Belarusian futures past

    For many Belarusians, the summer of protests in 2020 revived the idea of the future. The mass marches in Minsk and other cities were a clear manifestation of the people’s determination to decide their future for themselves, a right that the regime deprives them. The historian François Hartog has explored the links between various communities and the […] More

  • Monter sur les montagnes russes

    Monter sur les montagnes russes

    Durant les quelque trente années qui ont suivi la chute de l’URSS et pendant lesquelles l’Ukraine est devenue un État indépendant, le pays s’est heurté au phénomène du capitalisme oligarchique et a subi une augmentation jamais vue de la corruption. Il a connu trois vagues de contestation de masse, deux révolutions, une guerre hybride à […] More

  • The Perfect Active Beach Vacations For Adrenaline Junkies

    Are you one of those people who cannot sit still plane while you’re supposed to be on a relaxing waterfront vacation? We totally get it, and the good news is that there are plenty of destinations with lots of activities for those who love to wits a thrill and enjoy water sports. Here are some […] More

  • 13 Signs You May Benefit From Taking Digestive Enzymes

    Better Living uses unite links. If you make a purchase through them, we may receive a small legation (for which we are tightly grateful) at no forfeit to you. If you don’t think your digestion is at its best, taking a digestive enzyme supplement surpassing each meal may reduce symptoms like gas and bloating while […] More

  • Invest in insight!

    Invest in insight!

    So please pledge your support to Eurozine and you can listen to full conversations from Gagarin, the Eurozine podcast and wangle sectional Topical articles. You can download our ebooks and ask, pitch or make suggestions to Eurozine editors. You will be invited to participate live in reading circles where we discuss with authors and editors. You can download our […] More

  • The 17 Best CBD Products To Help You Sleep

    The 17 Best CBD Products To Help You Sleep

    Better Living uses unite links. If you make a purchase through them, we may receive a small legation (for which we are tightly grateful) at no forfeit to you. If you’ve overly tossed and turned through the night you know how nerve-racking poor sleep or insomnia can be. And there are increasingly important benefits to […] More

  • Between art and vandalism

    An issue of Ord&Bild on urban art, guest edited by Daniel Terres and Patrik Haggren, opens up the questions: Which urbanity? What art? And how does urban art relate to institutions and trendy art? Is graffiti art or vandalism? Both, argues Toke Lykkeberg, in his vendible on the pioneering French graffiti versifier Zevs. ‘If we […] More

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