Go Live Explore A Vancouver Lifestyle Health Travel Blog

Go Live Explore A Vancouver Lifestyle Health Travel Blog

Go Live Explore is a lifestyle health travel blog. This blog is run by Alicia. She started it as a travel diary. Now, she has brought together lifestyle, health, travel, and fashion elements into it. The Go Live Explore a Vancouver lifestyle health travel blog is a circle of travel enthusiasts who like to talk about Vancouver adventures. For anyone who wishes to travel to Vancouver, the Go Live Explore is the perfect start. Vancouver is known for its mountains, forests, and natural beauty. You will find the best of art and culture at Vancouver.

What Is The Steele Maiden?

Steele Maiden is a lifestyle fashion travel blog started by Jessica Steele. She started the blog in 2012. Adam Biedekapp is her partner in the business. She stays in New York.

The name ‘Steele Maiden’ has a unique meaning. Steele means something as strong as steel. Maiden means young girl. Steele Maiden means a strong girl.

NYC: The Fashion Capital

go live explore a vancouver lifestyle health travel blog

NYC is truly a fashion capital. It is known for all the fashion stores, fashion shows, and fashion designers out there. NYC is the fashion capital in the world along with Paris, Milan, and London. It is a pioneer in fashion and everything stylish. If you want to give your look a fashion update, there cannot be a better place than NYC.

Exploring the Steele Maiden Lifestyle

Steele Maiden lifestyle gives importance to physical fitness. She talks about physical fitness a lot. She likes to share about workout routines. She also shares healthy recipes for staying fit. The lifestyle of Steele Maiden is unique and she gives health the prime importance.


Steele Maiden’s fashion is quite high-style and very exquisite. She likes to wear expensive dresses paired with high heels. Her fashion sense is different for every season. She talks about latest fashion trends. She also gives insights about wardrobe designing.


Steele Maiden gives travel advice to all explorers. She shares travel tips and suggestions to make the best out of the travel experience. So, if you are planning a trip to New York, take some insights from Steele Maiden. You will also get ideas about traveling anywhere in the world. She has some domestic and international travel guides.


Steele Maiden’s lifestyle is also about wellness routines. She talks about self-care. She takes care of her health by maintaining a balanced lifestyle. She has lifestyle as an important aspect of her life along with being a fashion and travel enthusiast. She believes in self-development.

A Glimpse of NYC

NYC is a magical place to explore. It is the fashion capital of the world- so it’s all about fashion in NYC. It is known for its cultural aesthetic. You will find the best of museums, musical concerts, and many more things in NYC.  You will find the best restaurants and shopping areas in NYC.

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The Steele Maiden’s NYC Fashion Tips

Fashion tips from Steele Maiden are about creating a chic look. It is also about following all the latest fashion trends. She follows many fashion designers and of course is a fashion designer herself. She also shares about how to curate outfits.

Must-Visit Places in NYC

Central Park

Central Park is known for its beautiful meadows and prairies. This park is highly visited by tourists from all over the world. It was developed by Fredrick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux. It is a great landscape architectural masterpiece. It is situated in Manhattan.

Times Square

Times Square is a street located in New York. It is the most vibrant area in the whole of New York. It is known for bright advertising banners, neon lights, and posters. It has the best theaters and it is a busy area. It is the biggest entertainment avenue.

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty is the one of the most famous monuments all over the world. It is symbolic of freedom as is inherent in the name. This monument was built to celebrate the 100th anniversary of American independence. It is also about the friendship of the USA with France. The statue is basically a Roman goddess.

NYC’s Culinary Delights

NYC is known for culinary delights like New York Style Pizza, cronut, cheesecake, and many more.

NYC Shopping Spree

There are many places in NYC to enjoy a shopping spree like Fifth Avenue, Madison Avenue, Brooklyn, and others. Fifth Avenue is known for luxury fashion shopping spree.

Steel Maiden’s Favorite NYC Boutique

Finery Boutique Salon is the favorite salon of Steele Maiden. It is located in Tennessee. Steele Maiden had recently got a picture clicked there.

Steele Maiden’s Travel Secrets

She has traveled more than 45 places in the world. She plans everything well in time before traveling. Also, she doesn’t overpack- she carries only the essential things so that it doesn’t get messed up. The staying place is also planned and booked by her well in time. Her travel experience is well-planned so that everything is smooth.


Go Live Explore a Vancouver lifestyle health travel blog is a blog for all the people who wish to travel the world. Go Live Explore a Vancouver lifestyle is also for lifestyle guidance that is related to health and well-being. Jessica Maiden is a fashion and travel explorer in NYC who likes to share tips about travel, fashion, and lifestyle. If you want tips related to these aspects, she is one of the best persons to follow. As she is from NYC, there is always a theme of NYC that reflects in whatever she talks about. NYC is the best place to get the best experience in terms of food, culture, music, and monuments.


Who started Steele Maiden blog?

Jessica Maiden.

Where does the owner of Steele Maiden stay?

New York.

Why is NYC so special?

It is the whole culture of NYC that makes it all the more special.


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