Rick on the rocks florida dad blogger lifestyle travel

Rick on the rocks florida dad blogger lifestyle travel

Rick on the rocks Florida dad blogger lifestyle travel is a blog written by Rick Griffin. He is a father who is from florida. Rick shares everything as a dad, travel freaks, foodie, and cocktail parties on his profile and on his blog. Rick, as a dad , and an interesting human always have some spark which makes the readers more attracted. He also shares his point of view. He is really concerned about his readers. In this article you will get to know about Rick on the rocks Florida dad blogger lifestyle travel.

Rick on the rocks florida dad blogger lifestyle travel

Rick Griffin is a friendly blogger who shares his travel views as he is also a travel freak. He is a perfect example of who says dads can not be interesting. He is a fun loving dad. As a parent You have a one of a kind point of view. The stories of this kind of dad will make you feel good, love and cry all in one time.

Why Pick "Rick on the Rocks" as Your Florida Travel Guide?

Rick on the rocks florida dad blogger lifestyle travel

Once in a while we all agree that the beauty lies in being simple. Like being loved by everyone is one thing to look at, but spending some quality time with family in order to make simple moments. Family trips can be a good way to spend our free time. Take out your family now and enjoy every bit of it. Now the answer to the question why pick Rick on the rocks as your Florida travel guide is :

  • He is a dad who travels a little. He visited many places and he knows many things.
  • He is always up for doing things which are new , adventurous and exciting to share with readers.
  • His point of view and feedback regarding restaurants and hotels are really genuine and not fake.
  • He is full of knowledge. Rick will let you know about all the fun activities and events happening there.
  • He gives information about how to travel and how to do budget cuts.

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7 Top Categories of the Rick On The Rocks Blog

There are many categories on Rick’s blog such as entertainment, food, lifestyle, tech etc. he also gives tips regarding how to make your tip less stressful and full entertaining. Given below are the top 7 categories of the Rick on the rocks blogs.

Entertainment content

Florida is a nice place. If you want to go there for a weekend getaway you will have a lot of fun things to do. You will be happy with Rick Griffin being your guide. He may have a list of all the things you should do on your weekend getaway.

Food and drink

Food is an essential part of not only survival , but also it makes our heart smile and our eyes shine.  Rick on the rocks Florida dad blogger lifestyle travel have some fun recipes. You should try whenever you get the time.


In this part, Rick will give his point of view on auto related stuff like how to get a proper average range of your vehicle, how to Maintain it generally, how to save fuel while going out for long drives. What spinning wheels you should use in winters.


Music, what can define music? I guess no specific one thing can. Music is therapeutic. It heals us . It gives us the zeal to live. Music helps us in fighting with our intrusive thoughts. So Rick on the rocks Florida dad blogger lifestyle travel will share some places of concerts or live music.

Travel and Adventure

There are some basic ground rules of travel. You have to make a proper itinerary for travelling. Pack the things which are necessary. Don’t pack everything. All you have to do is just plan ahead for future purposes. With this, you will enjoy everything infact each bit of it with your family members.


By reading Rick on the rocks blog you have all the information you need to visit there because his blogs are really informative. He covers all the good stuff in one go. He covers music , food, and to entertain all his readers. The only advice is that you just have to take care of yourself at every place you go.


If you trust Rick and his blogs then you are good to go. All you have to do is trust his reviews. Getting all the information before even going there is a good deed for a family who has never been there.

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1 Fatherly

It is one of the best sites for parenting and raising a child. He gives good advice on that which makes it easier for all the fathers around the globe.

2 All Pro Dad 

It is basically a site for all the parents who are newbies of the parenthood. It gives advice on how to begin with parenting and how to be bold by your identity and not embarrassed.

3 Fathercraft

This site is for fathers who are always in doubt. This site helps in giving advice 24/7. It also gives the strength to fight from all the family chores.

4 High tech dad 

so this site is really something one of a kind. It is a fusion of cool dads with cool technology. This site will help you to protect your child by teaching you parental lock in several apps.

5 Direct advice for dads

This site is really helpful , it mainly emphasises on giving advice if you are expecting a baby explaining other tough factors which might be necessary to know.

6 Designer daddy

This site gives tips on parenthood on a whole level which is really different. This site will help you make designs. Be it the baby’s room or clothes.

7 The Yorkshire dad

It helps you in exploring a different side of being a dad. The site shares all the small adventures about how to run a family.

8 Daddilife

Being a parent is quite a difficult Job nowadays. It becomes more difficult if you are a single dad . So if you need advice on how to be a proud single dad you can always check here.

9 Dad info

This site is more experienced. They have been giving parenting advice for 15 years now . So for correct advice , you can always count on it.

10 Dad and buried

This site is more about expressing your feelings. Being a dad becomes really tiring and it takes a toll on your mental health in the beginning. If you want to listen and be calm, you should listen to the parenting podcast.

11 The fatherhood

This site is a treat for all the Aussie dads. This site is probably the best for dads who are planning to be a dad soon.


Rick on the rocks Florida dad blogger lifestyle travel age fills all the dads out there in full throttle mode to protect the family , to make them happy, to make decisions which cause no harm. Rick Griffin has been a great dad since the beginning so I guess I hereby end my motion with praising Rick Griffin. He is the man to be. He is the one to beat.


How can I get my kid to like me?

Make sure that you behave politely with them. You will be protective but you have to be on your best behaviour with your partner as well.

As a working dad how can I manage my life with the kids?

It is quite simple actually. Try to be home on weekends. Try to plan small weekend getaways with the children in order to spend some quality time.

How can I be an inspiration for my kids?

Be responsible for your actions. Live a life with quite a better approach.

How can I handle all the tantrums as a dad?

You have to set some lines and boundaries, so that whenever they cross it you have to take an appropriate action towards it.