The 10 Best Works of the British Museum in London

The 10 Best Works of the British Museum in London

All of you must have heard about the British Museum located in London city of Britain and its amazing collection. If you are going to visit London then the names of London museums should be at the level of top priority in your planned list of sightseeing there.

The Museum of London houses some of the most notable institutions with unique cultural mines and education museums and paintings from around the world. These teachings cover almost all fields and a wide historical time span.

Although some of these collections may be such that it is necessary to purchase tickets for their observation, however, most parts of the museums are free to visit. Thus, most of these huge museums are open to entry but they do require some funding. These grants are small in proportion to the quality of the museums.

Historical importance of the British Museum

Prominent among these museums in London is the British Museum, which is world-renowned for its vast store of magnificent displayed masterpieces full of unique historical importance. I was in London some time ago. I was eagerly waiting for the opportunity to visit this museum. As soon as I got that opportunity, without losing a moment I reached there. The building of the British Museum is very grand.

There are so many displayed items in such a large number and different categories that you can spend several days happily visiting this museum. Even so, I believe that many masterpieces will go undiscovered. Though you will be awestruck to see each and every piece collected here, yet some of the pieces are so special and unique from other items that your eyes will be teary-eyed. Here I am going to do a very difficult task for you.

Out of those best, unique and unique creations, I am choosing 10 best creations and placing them in front of you so that you must observe them during your upcoming visit. Especially if you are short of time and have only one day in London at most, you can still experience the same magnificence of this museum almost to the fullest.

10 Things not to Miss at The British Museum

1. The Rosetta Stone

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Rosetta Stone | British Museum

For me it is the most impressive item in the museum. It is possible that some visitors may not agree with my choice. The proof in which this rock has been mentioned in various films, books and video games, the way this rock has been used to reveal the layers of various imaginary mysteries of ancient Egypt,

This rock has carved a special place in the hearts of many movie buffs, book lovers and video game lovers. Basically according to me the most visible creations of the British Museum should be in the first place.

There are three versions of the inscription engraved on the Rosita Rock, two in ancient Egyptian and one in ancient Greek. Versions recorded in ancient Greek eventually helped explorers decipher these hieroglyphs.

Imagine, the revelation of this hieroglyph must have opened a huge door of the ancient world in front of the human society. It was a very exciting experience for me to see this evidence of the confluence of two very powerful cultures.

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2. The Mummies

Two Mummies in the British Museum. Djedhor of Akhmim, c. 250 BC, below. An  unknown male, c. 305 BC, above. | British museum, Free museums, Museum

As soon as ancient Egypt is mentioned, an imagination definitely emerges in front of us, that is the preserved bodies of humans. They are also called mummies. You can see many types of these preserved bodies or mummies on the top floor of the British Museum. Till now you must have seen such scenes only in films. Observing them directly in this way is no less than a thrill. To give you an idea of the different types of preserved bodies, suffice it to say that you will also see many mummies of cats here.

This entire area is devoted to the Egyptian concept of the afterlife. It is a subject, a concept that we usually never encounter in our ordinary lives. They only keep roaming in our imaginary life. Presumably your situation will also be the same. That's why it is so thrilling to come here and see that imaginary life come alive. You must have heard about them in childhood, must have read them in school textbooks, but seeing them in front of you is a completely different experience. That is why it is the most popular part of the British Museum. Generally, due to less population in Europe, there is no gathering of people anywhere. Due to lack of large crowd of visitors in this part of the museum also, we were able to see them, experience them wholeheartedly and also enjoy the thrill. If you come to visit London, do visit the museum, especially this part.

3. Sculptures and Sculptures of the Parthenon

Parthenon Frieze - Wikipedia

Ancient Greece is another example of grand ancient civilization and culture. This museum presents a direct proof of the grandeur of that civilization. Here you can see many exquisite sculptures that were once part of the Parthenon. The Parthenon is an Athenian temple dedicated to the goddess Athena.

Here there are hundreds of statues, crafts and picture galleries which present the ancient Greek lifestyle exactly in front of us. These crafts have been engraved with such precision that you will be amazed at the dedication and devotion of the artisans. Seeing them, you will also know why the ancient Greek civilization and culture is seen with respect. It is known from the sources that the contemporary Greek government wants to bring these artefacts back to Greece but the British Museum has rejected the demand of the Greek government.

4. Japanese Gallery of the British Museum

British Museum's Japanese history collection reopens | news

Japan is a very surprising country in many ways. It is the most leading country in the world in many ways, such as the technology sector. On the other hand, the society of this country also has deep love, affection and respect for its culture and traditions. The culture and traditions of Japan are also hundreds of years old. Now you must have understood how important this gallery is. It houses a wealth of objects and artefacts depicting the time period from prehistoric to modern times of Japan. With limited time, a visit to this Japanese gallery will be a good use of your time.

The Japanese gallery of the British Museum has one of the best exhibits, the original armor of a 17th-century samurai warrior. Isn't it amazing? Wearing this, when the warrior enters the battlefield, then service to the country must be foremost in his mind. Seeing these, you can imagine how stunning and impressive the samurai warriors used to be.

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5. Clay figurines of Bab-ed-Dra

A group of terracotta figurines from Harappa | Harappa

These 5000-year-old artifacts were made in a place called Bab-ed-Dra, near the Dead Sea. These crafts are not special visible artifacts at all. That's why seeing them aroused curiosity in me. It is so simple that it seemed to me, I can make these types of idols from clay right now. Their presence in the British Museum indicates the vastness of the museum's collection. Whose idols are these and what is the story behind them, I did not get the information.

6. Bronze head of If chief

6 Secrets of King Tut | HISTORY

You might have never heard this name. But I assure you that this craft will definitely leave an impression on your mind. Made in bronze metal, this head looks so alive that you will be left staring at it. Looking at this, it seems as if voices will now explode from his mouth. Ife was a kingdom in West Africa. This head will probably belong to the head of that state. This is about 600 years old craft. Apart from this head, many other crafts from Africa are also displayed here.

One does not get to read or hear anything special about ancient African countries. But looking at them, it is felt that Ife and many such societies were prosperous societies of Africa in that period. They were also rich in amazing culture and attractive art. For example, this sculpture of the head of a man of If Samaj is so finely engraved that you cannot help but marvel at the artistry of its artist. You must see this amazing piece of art.

7. Head of Amenhotep III

King Amenhotep III Facts & Mummy - Amenhotep III Family Tree - Who Was Amenhotep  III

About 4 tons heavy and 3 meters high, this head is also an attractive and grand craft. This head belongs to the pharaoh Amenhotep III of Egypt who ruled Egypt about 3500 years ago. The artistry present on the sculpture of this head will also amaze you and will compel you to stop and stare at it. Near this head, there is a sculpture of a huge arm, which shows that these two can be part of a huge statue.

How impressive would be the dominance of a warrior king of such a personality that artisans would have sculpted such a grand and colossal statue in his honour. You will be surprised to imagine how huge this statue will actually be. In those days, it must have been a huge task to create such a statue and install it at a certain place. You will feel it just by looking at it.

8. View of venice

10 Best Museums in Venice to Explore Right Now

This work may not be more popular than most of the works that find place in this list of British Museum's unique collection, but still it is very visible. This map of Venice from 1500 AD is a detailed outline of the city of Venice at that time. The smallest roads, streets and houses that existed during that period have been clearly shown in it. If there is such a map, no one will ever lose his way. Such clarity, such subtlety and such excellence will hypnotize you so much that you will not be able to go any further.

Perhaps the museum officials had come to know that people would like to look at this map for hours and try to guess about the lifestyle of ancient times. That's why they have arranged a seating area in front of it so that the darshan can conveniently observe it by sitting on it. You will also see many tourists from Italy here who have a special interest in this map.

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9. Lewis Pieces (Chessman)

Lewis chessmen - Wikipedia

Chess or chess pieces may not attract you at first sight as masterpieces located in the museum, but after watching them carefully, you will be surprised by the meticulous engraving on it. On top of that the fact that they were built in the 12th century. There will be a 180 degree change in your attitude. I found these pieces very attractive and interesting.

These chess pieces are probably among the most popular pieces in the world. He is also featured in one of the Harry Potter films. Chamber of Secrets! You will remember that particular chess game played in this picture. These pieces had participated in that sports competition. Will you see them now?

10. British museum

British Museum II Room (Egyptian Sculpture) In The Backg… Flickr |

You must be surprised to read this name! We are visiting the British Museum, then how did the British Museum become an artifact? Yes, the structure of the British Museum itself is a very grand example of architecture. Its façade is built in the style of ancient Greece. Its vastness makes this style extremely impressive.

Therefore, if you look carefully at this building, then a wonderful confluence of different architectural styles is visible in it. Don't miss seeing Queen Elizabeth II's public meeting here. It is a huge courtyard situated in the center of the museum. It has a roof. It is the largest covered public courtyard in Europe. This glass roof is very beautiful. If you get tired of visiting the museum, you can stop here to rest for a while. If you believe me, spending a few moments here would be very worthwhile. This place gives a complete impression of the vastness and grandeur of this building. Enjoying this feeling, spend some moments here peacefully.

Final Though On British Museum

You can spend a full day in this museum. Even then the desire to see it does not end. You can plan your museum visit program according to your interest and available time. There are many facilities available here for your convenience. Various types of refreshments and eateries are available at different places where you can sit for a while and relieve your intermediate fatigue.

I am very happy to see many school students here. He was hopping here and there in the museum. Students from different schools are regularly brought here and they are given a direct introduction to different cultures through the collections here. The students were thoroughly enjoying this museum. His pure curiosity towards various artefacts was evident. It is a great tool to acquire school knowledge. Apart from this, he was also behaving very politely. So don't worry about them making your trip boring.