5 Best Budget Travel Destinations Exposed in "Wanderlust for Less"

5 Best Budget Travel Destinations Exposed in

There are many inexpensive vacation locations in the world. And finding them isn't too difficult these days. There are many locations you can visit on a budget, regardless of the mainland or your interests. No place is ever "too precious," but if you don't do some research, use your imagination, and show some rigidity, you might as well not be living large when you go there. Thankfully, there are a few places to visit that allow for inexpensive travel that is also enjoyable and secure.


5 Best Budget Travel Destinations

The first time I had the chance to experience living abroad was when I moved to Thailand at the beginning of my career. I met friends for life there, experienced various cuisines and cultures, and developed a deeper appreciation for the world. I will always be grateful for the experiences I had there because it was a place of development, education, and self-discovery.

Central America

5 Best Budget Travel Destinations

If you want to explore historic sites, trek through the jungle, go surfing, and eat delicious food far from the crowds, travel to the smaller Central American countries like El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Guatemala. Meals typically cost less than $5 USD, bus trips typically cost the same, and beer can be had for as little as $1 in most budget hotels, which typically range in price from $15 to $30 USD per night. Belize, Panama, and Costa Rica are pricy (yet still quite affordable) travel destinations by regional standards. Traveling to these Central American countries on $40–50 USD per day as a backpacker or spending $100 per day and living cheaply are both options. The money you spend here in this part of the world is very useful. Furthermore, there are so many countries to choose from that it is easy to travel extensively without breaking the bank.

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5 Best Budget Travel Destinations

 Ancient Buddhist artifacts at a stunning historical site in Cambodia. While all of Southeast Asia could be included in this list, Cambodia is one of my personal favorites because it is both beautiful and affordable and the people there are incredibly friendly. Street food costs between $2 and $5 USD, private accommodations with air conditioning cost $25 USD and round-trip transportation costs $20 to $25 USD. Living in opulence, your costs are close to $ 50 dollar per day. Cambodia is less expensive and has some of the friendliest people in the world, despite Thailand being more well-known. There is nothing more beautiful than it. It is home to the magnificent Angkor Wat, a trip to which is both expensive and worthwhile.

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The Balkans

5 Best Budget Travel Destinations

The Europe Balkans are the region with the lowest cost of living in the Southeast. It's an unexplored area that's incredibly affordable and offers incredible value. It is made up of a select few nations, the majority of which receive very few visitors. Despite the fact that cruise ships now dock in Dubrovnik, more tourists are still flocking there because most of the region is suitable for adventurous travel. There are affordable wines, wonderful hiking and natural attractions, stunning coastlines, hearty cuisine, and   wild nightlife. In all of Europe, the best-kept secret


5 Best Budget Travel Destinations

Since Marco Polo's journey along the Silk Road in 1275, tourists have been enthralled by China. China is still one of the most cost-effective travel destinations in Asia, despite its former reputation as a dirt-cheap country. Leave the big cities, Yes, the cost of living in the cities is still reasonable. Less than $20 USD can be spent on hostels, $2 to $5 USD can be spent on meals, and less than $1 can be spent on city buses. The cost of living in the country drops even further when you travel outside of popular tourist destinations. With its enormous size—China is the third-largest country by landmass—and the abundance of things to see and do, it continues to be one of the best value travel destinations in the world. You'll find the best travel deals and bargains here, and the country becomes even more affordable when you travel outside of the tourist areas and into the interior. China is still among the most affordable travel destinations in the world, and there is a ton to see and do due to its enormous size.


5 Best Budget Travel Destinations

Although I had previously visited Mexico, until recently I hadn't really spent much time there. And I was completely amazed. The Yucatan is perfect for road trips and exploring cenotes, while Mexico City is a foodie's paradise and Oaxaca is charming (and has an endless supply of mezcal to boot!). The majority of the country is yours to enjoy, though there are some places that aren't all that safe to travel through. You can survive here on less than $50 USD per day, with beer costing just $1–2 USD and groceries costing about $25 USD per week. The cost of living there is under $50 USD per day, and since it is close to the US, getting there is also affordable (beer costs between $1 and $2 USD, groceries cost about $25 USD per week). Regardless of your interests, which may include beaches, partying, food, history, or nature, there is a region of the country where you can safely indulge without going over budget. I also lead tours here if you'd like to go somewhere with a group.

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