is cartagena colombia safe to travel solo for Tourists?

is cartagena colombia safe to travel solo for Tourists?

Is Cartagena Colombia Safe To Travel Solo For Tourists The most popular tourist destination in Colombia and a port city, Cartagena is located at the northernmost point of South America. This city in Latin America is the safest, and it's well-known for its magnificent beaches and old buildings. Millions of tourists from all over the world are drawn to this Caribbean town because it offers them enjoyable and secure experiences. Here, crimes might occur. However, the tourists' comfort and safety are guaranteed by the police and security personnel on patrol. The low rate of crime in this city indicates how safe it is to visit Cartagena. When using Uber, and cabs, and strolling around at night, tourists can feel safe doing so. Water and food safety are also monitored.

Is Cartagena Colombia Safe For Travellers?

     Is Cartgena Colombia Safe To Travel Solo For Tourists?

Solo travel to Cartagena, Colombia is generally safe, but as in any city, you should exercise caution and be aware of your surroundings. We recommend that you keep your belongings safe and avoid displaying expensive or luxury items. It is usually important to check the current safety situation and travel advice before traveling.

Why Is Solo Travel To Cartagena, Colombia, Safe?

Sure, It is safe to travel alone to Cartagena. Here are our top safety recommendations for lone travelers visiting Cartagena to help you stay on the straight and narrow.

  • Make companions with fellow travelers.
  • Read reviews of lodging.
  • Find people who share your interests to go out with by joining your hostel on a bar crawl.
  • Find out where it's safe to roam around.
  • Keep your valuables apart from one another. Divide the items and think about getting an emergency credit card.

Is Cartagena Safe For Female Travellers Travelling Alone?

     Is Cartgena Colombia Safe To Travel Solo For Tourists?

Is Cartagena, Colombia safe for solo female travelers Indeed, Cartagena is a fantastic place for women traveling alone. But solo travel to Cartagena isn't always completely safe for women. Leave the area if something doesn't feel right.

  • Make reservations at a well-known hostel. Cartagena has excellent hostels.
  • Test out some group exercises. Participate, network with like-minded individuals, and take classes or tours.
  • Charge your phone frequently.
  • Recognize that you will experience some harassment. That takes place in Cartagena. Simply brush this attention aside and go on.

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How Safe Is It For Families To Travel To Cartagena, Colombia?

Yes, It is safe to travel to Cartagena with your family. Family is highly valued in Colombian society, and this Caribbean city is no exception.

In Boca Grande, Cartagena offers family-friendly hotels that are situated away from both the old town and San Diego. There are moments when this neighborhood seems like a completely different city than the one in Getsemani or La Candelaria.

Is Cartagena Safe For American Tourists?

     Is Cartgena Colombia Safe To Travel Solo

Whether you are German, Swedish, French American, Colombian, or other Latin American nationalities are no different. They were all called gringo there. As long as you obey the law, know where you are going, and avoid drugs and prostitution, this country is safe.

Is Cartagena Colombia Safe To Visit At This Moment?

Is Cartagena Colombia safe to travel solo? In a word, sure. Solo travel to Cartagena is generally safe. It's actually among Colombia's safer locations. But this is still a city in Colombia, not a vacation camp. Gangs are still active, and crime rates are still equally high.

Is Cartagena Safe On This Night?

While Cartagena's nightlife is one of its main draws, it's important to exercise caution after dark. Cartagena is generally safe during the day, but it's a good idea to stick to the busiest areas and avoid abundant streets, especially at night.

In Cartagena, Are Taxis Secure?

     Is Cartgena Colombia Safe To Travel Solo

Unlicensed taxis should be avoided, just like in any other city. Be sure you inquire in advance about the cost of your travel with your place to avoid being taken advantage of. Prior to accomplish to a ride, you should always agree on a price with the driver. It is not advised to hail a cab after dark.

Where Can I Stay Safely In Cartagena, Colombia?

Many hotels in this charming and historic area provide visitors with an original Colombian hospitality experience.

  1. Casa San Agustin is a five-star hotel.
  2. Hotel 3 Banderas: Low-cost lodging
  3. Hyatt Regency Cartagena, a five-star resort
  4. Cartagena Intercontinental | mid-range lodging


Is Cartagena Safe, Then?

Is Cartagena safe to travel solo for solo? So there you have it: Unless you're looking for trouble, Cartagena can be safe. Although Cartagena and Colombia have seen their fair share of problems recently, the nation is appearing from them and is once more a destination that draws us in. Cartagena is the place where this is most noticeable


Q1. Is Cartagena safe for tourists?

Ans. Cartagena is becoming a more tourist-friendly destination every year. However, when solo travel to Cartagena, you should still exercise common sense. Respect the local way of life and keep a watch on your control.

Q2. In Cartagena, what should one avoid doing?

Ans.  Things to avoid in Cartagena include the following:

  1. Don't just follow Google Maps at face value.
  2. Aim to avoid appearing like a tourist.
  3. Avoid taking out cash late at night.

Q3. Is it safe to reside in Cartagena?

Ans. Yes, It is safe for solo travelers too. It's also quite dreamy. Even though it's always hot, the city gets an abundance of tourists, touts, and street vendors during specific seasons of the year.


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