Telescopic Lift Mascara You Need to Know about Everything

Telescopic Lift Mascara You Need to Know about Everything

 The mascara application is famous among the young generation. According to research, older people do not use mascara as much. Mascara is applied on the eyelashes to make them look prettier, a little dark, and sharp. It is usually applied with a brush. With time innovations are introduced in every field. In the makeup world, a new kind of mascara is the talk of the town these days. With new telescopic lift mascara, get a sharp and lightning look in the eyelashes. This mascara shows an instant result and stays visible for around 36 hours. It gives your lashes a sharp and lightening strength. To apply this, use a twin-catch pointy brush which will help you apply mascara to every single eyelash, and will separate it and give it a pointy look. Other dazzling results of this mascara are:

  1.   It makes your lashes big, lift it instantly once you apply it.
  2.   People will notice this change quickly when they will cross you.
  3.   It stays on for around 36 hours
  4.   Mascara comes with a pointy heavy brush that lifts your lashes in seconds and keeps them separated.
  5.   It comes in a variety of 3 normal shades and 1 waterproof shade.
  6.   The quality of the product is tried and tested to show that it suits sensitive eyes as well.

 To know which shade suits you the best, you would need to try it once. However, it is worth it to try every shade, you won’t be able to resist buying it. This comes in a total of five shades out of which one is waterproof. The shades available namely are:

  1.    Washable Black
  2.   Washable Black Brown
  3.   Washable Blackest Black
  4.   Waterproof Black

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How to Use Telescopic Lift Mascara
Telescopic Lift MascaraSome may find it difficult to apply mascara on their own. But, once you know the technique, it becomes easy and quick to apply. Plus it gives a sense of happiness if you can apply it yourself anytime anywhere without any help. Check out these pointers to use telescopic lift mascara:

  1.   First, know how to hold the brush in the correct direction. Lift the brush from the twisted side and place it on your lashes to swipe upside and hold it so each lash gets separated and stays pointy and sharp for hours.
  2.   Once your lashes are set upwards, use the comb side of the brush to separate your lashes carefully which will give it a voluminous growth.
  3.   If one coating doesn’t satisfy your look, you can apply it in the same manner once again to make your eyelashes a bit heavier.

 For some people, applying is not a task, but removing mascara is difficult and messy for them. To solve your problem, remove mascara with a good cleanser smoothly. And at last wash it with water. For waterproof mascara, use cotton pads and apply cleanser on it. Hold that cotton pad smoothly on your lashes for a few seconds and remove it. At last clean your eyes with water.

Let’s put On the L’Oreal telescopic Lift Mikayla Mascara

Any makeup is incomplete without a proper application of mascara. It gives your face a sharp and fine look. To make it more professional, applying mascara on eyelashes results in the perfect look of the day. There are no limitations in the variety of mascara availability. But if you want to go for something new and bold, try L’Oreal Paris Telescopic Original Mascara. This mascara is in trend for its ability to give your eyelashes a pointy look and stays on it for 36 hours, separating your eyelashes properly from each other and giving them a lightning look. This lifting mascara is true to its words it lifts eyelashes in an instant and makes it look heavier. This comes in many shades, washable and waterproof. Just apply it carefully with a pointy brush and remove it with cleanser and water. This has been tested and it works well with sensitive eyes.

L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara Good for Lashes?


Yes totally. Based on reviews shared by people who have tried this product, it has been observed, lighting mascara does lift your lashes and separate them properly and stays on for hours. Grab yours before it goes out of stock. This L’Oreal mascara is famous for many reasons:

  1.   It is mixed with Ceramide making it stays on for 36 hours.
  2.   It lifts your lashes, so no falling.
  3.   No cluster at all, it separates your lashes perfectly.
  4.   It doesn’t get smudged.
  5.   No, coming off in layers once applied.
  6.   The best part is, it is a vegan product.
  7.   And tries to test for sensitive eyes.
  8.  All in all, it is worth it to try L’Oreal lifting mascara once for sure.


If you are wondering, whether to use mascara directly on eyelashes or should you apply anything before it? Then yes, it is good to apply primer before mascara application. This mascara is tried and tested by many influencers and according to reviews it is worth the hype. This gives your natural lashes a voluminous and sharp look. And you get multiple choices to choose a shade from. Once applied, you will find a difference for sure between your bare eyelashes and your eyelashes with mascara on. This comes with a handy brush that makes it easier to apply it. Plus it does not get smudged. It is out of the question to ask more than this from one product. It is advisable to always read the ingredients of the product before you use it. This helps you know if this includes anything you are allergic to or don’t prefer to use. Although it is of no harm to use this mascara on sensitive eyes, this vegan product is made of many things which you can check on the label. It’s budget-friendly for most of us and a unique product from the rest of other regular mascaras. Have you given a shot at this yet?

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