5 must try makeup trends from tik tok

5 must try makeup trends from tik tok

The eyeful industry and makeup trends never sleep. The learning process of implementing new hacks or viral trends is no longer tough. Social media keeps you updated on trends and do not forget the tutorials to let you join the bandwagon of trends.

Though we did alimony ourselves serving at home for years, the eyeful and skincare industry kept coming up with new trends that kept the wittiness rolling. Not only these bring out creativity but a lot of these gave a refreshing turn to the monotonous makeup that we have been putting on all these years. Most importantly, a few hacks helped minimize the forfeit of product purchase and saved a lot of time in terms of the hacks used.

So here goes the list of 5 must try makeup trends from tik tok.

Glazed donut everything

Glazed donut skin . Image source : femina

The term sounds yummy, but the goody it yields is increasingly worthwhile. Hailey Bieber had to say that she does not want to squint like a glazed donut when she hits the bed. A lot of us would want the same, not have full makeup on when we have the eyeful sleep. So it’s prudent to cleanse off the makeup and moisturize the skin surpassing you go to bed. So when you wake up your skin is glistening and glowing.

Red nails Theory

Red nails theory . Image source: New York post

Since @girlbosstown popularized last year that red nails were getting her a lot of attention, the trend has been coming back. It attracts the opposite sex considering they have pretty much seen their moms wearing those during the 90s and taking superintendency of them which is the reason why they seem attracted.
#rednailtheory tag is full of women posting how it really worked for them.

Cold girl makeup

Cold girl makeup . Image source economic times

This viral trend is set to protract for some time longer though it became popular last year. The trend included applying tincture from cheek to cheek and the tip of the nose giving a complexion well-to-do during the winters when we come when from outside.

Wednesday Addams Glam

Wednesday Addams glam .Image source: vogue

The goth glam comprising the ponytail, and smudgy eye makeup that Jenna Ortega portrayed in Netflix blockbuster Wednesday inspired thousands of eyeful lovers to replicate the same. Eyeful lovers eagerly visualize the next season in Fall to get the trend.

Skin cycling

Skin cycling . Image source popsugar

The trend is to modernize the efficacy of the zippy ingredients and minimize irritation through rest periods. Starting with exfoliating on one night followed by retinoid on the second and then resting on the third and fourth. Night two is most salubrious for the skin and helps treat acne to eczema. 3 and 4 are recovery nights that can just be followed up with cleansing and moisturizing. But if you have dry skin, you can just lock moisture with suited products.

So here are some tried and tested successful trends that can alimony you rented trying them out for the next couple of days if you are a makeup or a skincare enthusiast like me. Let me know in the comments if you would be trying or once tried any of these trends.