10 vital eat move make food fitness travel lifestyle guides

10 vital eat move make food fitness travel lifestyle guides

Eat , move, make. These three words have a one of a kind approach to a balanced lifestyle. This includes mixing of food , fitness, travel and all the well being. It flourishes mindful eating that focuses on nutritional choices to make our body healthy. Regular workout supports the idea of being healthy. We can make a lifestyle which is bright and strong , healthy and interesting, and it also supports the idea of being well in every possible way. Eat move make food fitness travel lifestyle will make your life a little better.

What do you need to eat, move, make food fitness travel lifestyle ?

Diet of raw foods

A diet of raw foods firstly contains uncooked food like fruits, nuts, and seeds. By eating this type of it, the natural process of enzymes and nutrients will be better than usual.

Maintain your hydration:

Water is an important part for leading a healthy lifestyle. Proper hydration will help you to release the water retention in the body. It will help you to gain all the minerals you need.

Stop sweet and junk food 

Junk and sweet food can be really harmful. It is the major cause of obesity. Cheat days are good, but don’t repeat the cheat days more than twice a month.

Eat little at a time 

Don't skip meals, instead eat something healthy but in less amounts at a time. Skipping meals will only increase your appetite for the next meal.

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#1 Eat move make food fitness travel lifestyle - keep a balanced diet.

 eat move make food fitness travel lifestyle guides

Keeping a balanced diet will help your body to be fit for eat move make food fitness travel life. Balanced diet can be one of the best things a person can have.

Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables

By eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, your body will be ready for all the biological processes through the powerful activations of strong enzymes. This will give you strength.

Make your own healthy snacks at home

Make your own healthy snacks so that eat, move , make food fitness travel will make your life a little better. Choosing a better lifestyle and building one are two different things. You need to build a healthy lifestyle.

#2 Eat move make food fitness travel lifestyle: Exercise Regularly.

eat move make food fitness travel lifestyle guides

Exercising regularly will allow you to build a connection to your soul. You can even rely on it during your worst period of time. You should exercise for yourself and not for others.


Walking is the easiest activity which helps you to maintain your mind and body. Walking can be tough for the people who are not able to walk but a little effort is enough. For the people who are in their late 60s might not be able to walk without support. But as Martin Luther king said once, if you can’t run then walk but never stop.

Engage in outdoor activities

Engaging your mind and body in outdoor activities will relax your mind and stress. Playing team sports will increase the leadership skills and social skills as well. Let the sun share his light on your face.  Outdoor activities really support the mind and physical situation.


You can also get a whole new better looking lifestyle by just working out. So push yourself. Set your limits. Surpass yourself. Your only competition is your mind and heart. Be better than yourself. Working out will help to reach your inner peace. You can generally focus more

Observe sufficient sleep and rest

Many studies and surveys show that if you do not get enough sleep after working out or any other activity, there can be chances of fatal heart diseases. So therefore you should focus on getting proper sleep by going to bed early. If you go to bed early you will wake up real sooner than expected.

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#3 Eat move make food fitness travel lifestyle: Enjoy travelling

Plan weekend outings

You can plan weekend outings. Weekend getaway is a really good idea to pursue more and more travelling experiences. And if you go with your friends, then on a weekend getaway you will be responsible for the hanging out session uamong your very own tribe.

Stay active

The fact that you are not really close to your gym , does not mean that you can be fit on your travels. You do many things in place of going to the gym. You can go for a run, or you can do swimming , or you can join in for cycling. There are many options.

Don’t forget to eat well when you are travelling

Your diet should be well maintained and relaxed. You should eat a good and a proper balanced diet when you are travelling. Do not think of others, just be yourself and eat healthy. If you follow these rules you can live a healthy life ahead.


To sum up everything in the end, sharing the eat move make philosophy focuses and shows many aspects of our lives. It focuses on the importance of mindful eating, regular physical activity and travelling the world around these people. Eat move make food fitness travel lifestyle focuses on the well being of the people around all of you. One motto, one rule, all you have to do is just be consistent.


What is "Eat, Move, Make"?

It's a way of living that says: eat good, move often, and enjoy life.

Is it good for everyone?

Yes, it can work for anyone.

How do I eat better?

Choose healthy foods and don't eat too much.

What about exercise?

Just move more. Walk, play, and have fun.

Why is travel important?

It's a way to see new things and try new food. It makes life interesting.

Can I do this without using money?

Yes, you can make good choices that don't cost too much.

Does it help with feeling good?

Yes, it helps you be healthy and happy. It's about enjoying life.


By: Chetali Pandey