What To Eat When Traveling In Malta

What To Eat When Traveling In Malta

The gorgeous island of Malta is one of the most heady places to take a trip to. Not only does it have uncounted sights for you to explore, but it is also a heady gastronomical destination. Maltese cuisine was influenced by other cultures’ supply traditions, including Italian and North African cuisines. There are plenty of places and dishes to try while you’re visiting Malta. Here are some of the weightier places you cannot miss Maltese Cuisine.


This cozy place is located in a cellar of St. George’s Square and offers a selection of French and Mediterranean foods. With spectacular views and a nippy atmosphere, this is a perfect place to spend an evening. Their locally sourced dishes incorporate ingredients like fish and vegetables. There is moreover an impressive selection of wines you can segregate from Malata.

Palazzo Preca

 Eat When Traveling In Malta

This restaurant can be found in the wanted municipality Valletta, and it offers selections that showcase the rich history of the municipality in its stunning 16th-century palatial building. You can enjoy seafood dishes like ceviche, octopus, and prawn, as well as veal carpaccio. There are a lot of pasta and salad dishes and a fantastic selection of wines. Palazzo Preca moreover has freshly made desserts and pastries to enjoy a bit of sweetness at the end of the meal.

Fumia Restaurant

Fumia Restaurant is located in Pieta, Malta. While tourists flock to this place, so do locals, as there is a fantastic selection of seafood courses that are cooked in the Sicilian style, including sea urchins, shellfish, and more. The restaurant offers local wines and beers as well.

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Ta’Marija Restaurant

Ever since it was founded in 1964, Ta’Marija is a triumph of Malta’s festive and vibrant culture. The restaurant offers traditional Maltese cuisine with a touch of a modern twist. Dishes include traditional rabbit, ravioli made in-house, and delectable desserts. There is moreover live music and traditional folk waltz performances. This is a unconfined way to wits both Maltese cuisine and culture all at once.

Fra Giuseppe

Located in a 300 year old towers that was completely restored, Fra Giuseppe is a wonderful coffee and wine bar. Enjoy local favorites like Ftiras, a Maltese sandwich, Focaccia, salads, wraps, and plenty more. However, Fra Giuseppe is weightier known for its wine and coffee selection.

Tal-Ingliz Restaurant

Tal-Ingliz is a family-run restaurant in the village of Mgarr. It is known for its pure and succulent Maltese dishes. Some traditional dishes that it is known for include a rabbit stew tabbed Fenkata, horsemeat tabbed Laham taz-Ziemel, quail tabbed Summien, snail, and moreover octopus.

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