Traveling To The Netherlands? Heres What You Absolutely Must Eat

Traveling To The Netherlands? Heres What You Absolutely Must Eat

There is so much increasingly to Dutch supplies than stroopwafel and fries, and most people have yet to discover the delicious, carb-heavy, cheesy delights that you can wits while visiting the Netherlands. Supplies in the Netherlands are rustic, and comforting, and are influenced by its old colonies, Indonesia in particular. Here are some succulent eats you veritably must try at least once while visiting the Netherlands.


Bitterballen is quite similar to croquettes, and they’ll usually pop up at any fast supplies place you’ll go to. These balls of deep-fried beer come with a side of gravy or roux and are often enjoyed slantingly as a nice unprepossessed beer. There are moreover vegetarian options that are made with mushrooms that are moreover delicious.

Traveling To The Netherlands?


This might not be your go-to but we promise that Dutch brined herring, which is tabbed maatjesharing or soused herring, is a minion Dutch snack. You have to try it at least once. It is usually served plain or with some onions. The thing well-nigh this snack is that you have to eat it “the Dutch way” by picking up the whole fish by its tail and sliding it directly into your mouth headfirst.

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Poffertjes are small buckwheat pancakes that are usually served with powdered sugar, butter, and sometimes syrup. These pancakes a light and fluffy and are certainly increasingly well-flavored to most people who visit the Netherlands than pickled herring.


Stamppot has uncounted variations, but the unstipulated idea is a smoked sausage served on top of a pile of vegetables that can include kale, spinach, saurkraut, or turnip greens. If carrots and onions are in the mix, then the dish is tabbed hutspot. This is a worldwide winter dish that is hearty and pension you full.


Hagelslag is a dish that you might think a child invented, but we promise it is veritably yummy. It’s basically just a buttered species that is coated in chocolate sprinkles. If you think it sounds weird, just think of it as a Dutch version of a donut. It’s really tasty and can be found everywhere, plane pre-made at the supermarket.

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