Oahu is a tourist place in Hawaii, in the USA. Oahu is famous for its beaches, surfing, hiking, Iolani Palace, Hanauma Bay Nature Reserve, Polynesian Cultural Center, and other tourist spots. Oahu is called ‘The Gathering Place’ because of the community gathering and sense of belongingness that unites everyone there. Also, there are two volcanoes there- Waianae Range and Koolau Range. Oahu is formed by these two volcanoes. Oahu is especially known for being a tourist attraction.

There are the best restaurants, resorts, and nature views that make it a place for visit. Every year there are tourists from all over the world who visit Oahu to enjoy and take a break from busy lives. If you want to know where to stay in Oahu, there are so many good places like Waikiki Beach and Embassy Suites. Oahu has a local vibe. Most of the people are Polynesian. This is a local island tribe. They are good at fishing, art and craft. Handicraft materials are popular there. You will find a variety of people in Oahu in terms of lifestyle and a variety of natural landscape also. The people of Oahu also believe in religion and spirituality. Oahu is an island and also a city and county of Honolulu.

The Best Places to Stay In Oahu

There are so many good places to stay in Oahu. Waikiki is considered the most popular place to stay in Oahu. So, if you are figuring out where to stay in Oahu- this is the best place. Restaurants, eateries, and touring places are all there to explore near Waikiki. You can enjoy surfing in the beach there. There you will get the perfect holiday enjoyment. This place is the best place for your quest to where to stay in Oahu with family. This beach is not only good for family vacation but also for couples and old age people. The accommodations options are also good to choose from like 5-star to other ranges.

Diamond Head is also one of the best places to stay in Oahu. This place is near the Waikiki and also very much similar to it. At the Diamond Head, you will find parks and gyms. But the beaches are less crowded. So, you will find it better than Waikiki as it is more peaceful. The hotels out there are at better and easy prices than Waikiki.

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Best Beaches in Oahu: North Shore, Leeward Coast, Windward Coast, and Honolulu

North Shore Beaches


The North Shore Beaches in Oahu have sand waves and you get a relaxed feeling out there. You can enjoy snorkeling and shark diving there. The tourists like to visit North Shore very much. There is a lot of traffic but you will find it peaceful even then. There are many North Shore Beaches. Sunset Beach, as the name suggests is a place where you can watch the sunset on the north shore. There is soft white sand and you can just be there and take some time to chill out. Aweoweo beach is a beautiful north shore beach. This is perfect tourist location for family. This is a calm place.

The Leeward Coast Beaches in Oahu are best for white sand and bright skies. Because of the trade winds, the leeward coast is always peaceful. You can enjoy activities out there like swimming, surfing, and snorkeling. Yokohama Bay at Leeward Coast is known for its scenic and vivid views.

Honolulu is the most talked about place in Oahu. In Honolulu, there is a Magic Island Beach. This is a human-constructed lagoon. You will find golden sand there. There are parks and picnic areas there. The Sandy Beach is known for the being the best surfing place. The sand at this place is fine and you can just rest and relax there.

Best Places Sightseeing In Oahu: Windward Coast of Honolulu

The windward coast of Honolulu is the best place for scenic views, waterfalls, the green landscape, and high mountains. You will experience the cool trade winds there. The beautiful blue ocean is a stunning view to look at. The beaches are best for sightseeing. The Byodo-In Temple and Polynesian Culture Center are places for a holy and cultural experience.

Best Honeymoon Location for Couples in Oahu


Turtle Bay Resort is a luxurious location for couples in Oahu. You will find beaches, and pools there. There is lounge place where you can relax while the waves near the resort give the perfect enjoyment. Horseback riding is an activity that you can enjoy out there. So, if you want to decide upon where to stay in Oahu for couples, turtle Bay Resort is a good place.

Best Places for Local Vibe in Oahu: North Shore, Windward Coast, and Honolulu

At north shore, you will find a bohemian local vibe. The Haleiwa is a coastal community town there. You will find local markets and art space there. At windward coast, you will find Kaneohe vibe. It is a tropical neighborhood. There is Koolau Mountain there. Near the mountain, there are clear waters of the Pacific. Agriculture is a popular activity there. At Honolulu, you will find the best local restaurants that give a local vibe. There are some local bars also.

The Best Tourist Locations in Oahu



If you are at Honolulu, you should visit the Pearl Harbor Memorial. This place is good for knowing the historical part of the place. USS Arizona Memorial is another historical site. Bishop Museum is a place for Hawaiian artifacts. The place has royal collections of the Bishop who founded the museum.

North Shore


North shore has Shark’s Cove. At this place, you can enjoy the relaxing scene of clear waters. Snorkeling is an activity that you can enjoy there. Laie Hawaii Temple and Visitors’ Center is also in north shore. You will find temple gardens there. You will find a serene environment there. The temple also educates about Jesus Christ.

Leeward Coast


Leeward Coast has a lot of tourist attractions. There you will find more luxury. Hawaii Water Adventures Park is good for surfing and kids’ adventure. Disney Aulani Resort is beachfront resort and known for luxury. There are pools and beaches for enjoying with kids.

Windward Coast


At windward coast, you will find Olomana Three Peaks Trail. You will enjoy hiking there. There is a golf course also there that is new. The Valley of Temples is a Buddhist temple. There is also Byodo-In Temple. This is centered in a forest area.

Where to Stay In Oahu with Family

Prince Waikiki is a hotel for family in Oahu. This hotel is one of the best hotels in Oahu for family stay. You can have a sunset view from there. Embassy Suites is a luxury hotel. It comes under Hilton group of hotels.


Oahu is a must-visit tourist island. The natural landscape is the biggest attraction of Oahu. You will find the clean waters, mountains, and other nature scenes. The hotels and resorts in Oahu are great. Oahu is a good place for family and couples.


What is the other name of Oahu?

The Gathering Place

Oahu is a county of which place?


Where is the Sunset Beach in Oahu?

North Shore


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