Travel Adventures You Cannot Afford To Miss In Your Lifetime

Travel Adventures You Cannot Afford To Miss In Your Lifetime

How many have you ticked off?

We all have a bucket list. Those must-see locations and experiences we hope to enjoy around the world. Ours seems to be getting longer by the day, and if yours could use some inspiration, you've come to the right spot. From historic wonders and epic voyages to mountains demanding to be climbed, the world offers some fantastic activities.

Experience festival season in Edinburgh, UK:

Experience festival season in Edinburgh, UK:

In August, Scotland's capital takes on a truly unique air thanks to a series of artistic festivals. The Fringe, for example, transforms bars, bookshops, and theaters into comedy and drama venues, while the streets are alive with performers. The next event will take place on August 2–26, 2024.

Cruise the fjords, Norway:

Get out on deck to admire Norway's rocky coastline. Cruise ships go through the network of fjords, passing stunning waterfalls, sheer mountainsides, and - with luck - schools of dolphins, porpoises and whales. The pouring cascades of Geirangerfjord (pictured), a UNESCO-listed western fjord, should be at the top of your list.

Catch a concert at Red Rocks, Colorado, USA:

Regardless of who you see, they'll sound terrific at Red Rocks. The world's only naturally occurring, acoustically ideal amphitheatre is set against a backdrop of soaring red rock and sandstone formations. It's no surprise that it's attracted the best names in the music business, including The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix, as well as countless memorable live recordings.

Take the Orient Express:

Luxury Trains | Orient Express

Forget about check-in lines and luggage limits; this is how to travel. A ride on the Orient Express is a once in a lifetime adventure. Every aspect conjures the golden age of travel, from the stewards in their stylish blue and gold uniforms to the refurbished sleeping cars' glossy wood panelling. These days, the Express travels between London and Venice or Verona, Paris and Istanbul or Berlin, but this experience is all about the journey rather than the destination.

Swim with whale sharks at Ningaloo Marine Park, Australia:

Swimming with the world's largest fish is an unforgettable experience. Whale sharks migrate to Ningaloo on the Western Australian coast for the coral spawning season, which runs from mid-March to mid-August. That's your chance to swim with these gentle giants, who can reach lengths of nearly 60 feet (18 meters). They pose no threat to humans, so dive in and witness the breathtaking sights of Australia's largest fringing reef. Before you go, make sure not to touch these majestic creatures and learn how to watch them ethically.

Take afternoon tea at Claridge’s, London, UK:

Afternoon tea is a traditional English custom. Nowadays, the notion of tea has expanded to include handbag-shaped macarons and palate-cleansing sorbet. A typical spread should be delicate and tasty, keeping you going until the dinner bell rings. Claridge's in Mayfair puts on a polished performance, with finger sandwiches, fluffy scones, and delicate pastries served in extraordinarily exquisite Art Deco surroundings.

Explore the UK's finest royal residence, London, UK:

Explore the UK's finest royal residence, London, UK:

Buckingham Palace's doors are open throughout the summer (and on a few other select times), allowing visitors to peek inside the royal residence. Around 20 State Rooms are accessible; you may see the monarch's remarkable art collection, which includes Vermeer and Rembrandt, as well as the Throne Room's monogrammed pink-upholstered seats.

Whoosh along a record-breaking zipline, UAE:

Jebel Al Jais, the highest mountain in the United Arab Emirates, stands 6,345 feet (1,934 metres) tall and is a magnet for adrenaline addicts. Why? The mountain highway provides a beautiful road excursion from the desert level, via ridged peaks and cavernous valleys. In addition, Jebel Al Jais is home to the world's longest zipline, which spans 1.75 miles (2.8 kilometers) and provides a unique view of the austere mountain scenery.

Follow the Camino de Compostela, Spain:

The 'Pilgrim Route', a long-established trail that follows in the footsteps of medieval pilgrims, is open to everybody, regardless of religious affiliation. Pilgrims no longer walk all the way from their homes to Santiago de Compostela, preferring to follow pre-established routes in France or Spain. More and more people are walking the camino, and it's simple to see why: the pleasure of completing a challenge, the delight of sharing an experience, and (on the final stretch) the beauty of Galicia's rich landscape.

Enter the Forbidden City, China:

Enter the Forbidden City, China:

Ordinary Chinese people were prohibited from accessing the Imperial Palace's ramparts for five centuries, hence its more well-known appellation. Today, the palace in the heart of Beijing attracts visitors every day. It's a massive building, both in size and construction, but the rich detail in the decorative features and museum displays will also astound you.

See the Pyramids of Giza, Egypt:

Standing up close, even inside the Pyramids of Giza, you can sense the force of five millennia of human history. As ubiquitous as these awe-inspiring triangular silhouettes are, nothing beats witnessing them for yourself, preferably at dawn or dusk. Even better, ride a camel or horse across the sands and observe the Pyramids from a variety of angles.