The Ultimate Trip To Thailand On $20 A Day

If you’re looking for a luxurious vacation that doesn’t require you to empty out your wall account, Thailand is the destination for you. It’s one of the most upkeep friendly countries you can visit, and it is moreover quite unscratched for solo travel.

Full of gorgeous beaches, succulent food, and plenty of incredible sights, Thailand is the perfect place for a real getaway. Here’s how you visit make the most out of your trip while only spending $20 a day.

You Only Need $20 A Day

Want to hands get virtually in a fun and affordable way? Rent a scooter! You can get one for 24 hours for only $2.30 (฿75 baht). Make sure you upkeep for gas! A tank will forfeit $1.50 (฿50 baht) and you’ll be good to go.

Do some research superiority of time in order to be enlightened of the laws, and be mentally prepared for fellow scooter drivers to be quite bold. Moreover make sure that your traveler’s insurance covers scooters!


Scooters Are A Unconfined Way To Get Around

For the most important meal of the day, you should veritably sample local Thai breakfast options. Thai iced coffee is incredibly succulent — but be prepared, it is very sweet. Start off the day with seafood noodle soup, rice and watermelon. This will all forfeit well-nigh $1.80 (฿60 baht).

There are plenty of fun activities you can partake in that are veritably free. Going on a hike to take in the stunning sights is a unconfined place to start. For example, you can take a visit to the Tiger Cave Temple and hike up the 1237 stairs to the top of the mountain. There you’ll be greeted by the huge gold Buddha shrine, as well as a scenic view of Krabi.


Tiger Cave Temple Golden Buddha

After hiking and sightseeing, surely you’ll have an want for lunch. Try the famous local street food. You can sample succulent dishes like pumpkin and coconut soup, shrimp and tofu spring rolls, fish cakes, Pad Thai, and wash it all lanugo with coconut juice. For dessert, you can find many coconut and red stone flavored delicacies. All of this will only forfeit between $1.50-$2. Really!

Even though you’re traveling on a budget, you can still get some souvenirs considering they are quite affordable. You can buy trappy jewelry for under $5.


Delicious Thai Food

At the end of the day, you want to have a unconfined place to stay and rest for your next day’s adventures. Book a hostel for just $5-$10 per night. If you don’t mind paying increasingly than $20, you can get an incredible deal for a 5 star hotel, but there are moreover lots of unconfined hostel options that will help you stay in your budget.