The Best Sledding Hills Around The World

The Best Sledding Hills Around The World

Sledding in the snow is a popular winter hobby among people of all ages. While any hill, as long as it is suitably steep and slippery, may provide a pleasurable and sometimes thrilling experience, there are a few sledding slopes around the world that elevate the activity to new heights.

Korketrekkeren, Norway:

As a hilly city, Oslo has a number of wonderful sledding sites, but one of the most popular is Korketrekkeren. This sledding hill, often known as "the corkscrew," is two kilometers (1.25 miles) long and connects Frognerseteren with Midtstuen. Renting a sled eliminates the need to own one, and you can take the metro back to the top of the slope.

Toboggan Cosmojet, Val Thorens, France:

Toboggan Cosmojet, Val Thorens, France:

Don't expect your ride to be over in an instant on this slope. The longest sledding run in France lasts approximately 45 minutes. To begin, you will take a chairlift to the base of the Péclet glacier, which is 3,000 metres (9,840 feet) high. The path, which is full of twists and high curves, is marked out in the valley, and supplied sleds are used to check that your base is the proper size and glides smoothly.

Adventure Mountain, Lake Tahoe, USA:

Unless they visit a region like Lake Tahoe, residents of California and Nevada don't see much snow. Adventure Mountain, which has a base height of 2,255 metres (7,400 feet), is the highest sledding location in the South Tahoe Basin and receives the most snowfall. There are up to 16 groomed hills to provide the best sledding and tubing experience for all skill levels. "The Snake," the wildest run, is 150 meters (500 feet) long.

Wildkogel Arena, Austria:

Sledding is commonly associated with the day, but you might prefer to trek to the hills after nightfall in Bramberg am Wildkogel, Austria. This hill is also the world's longest floodlit sled run, with bright lights illuminating the 14-kilometer (8.7-mile) ride. The sled run begins 2,100 meters (6,900 feet) above sea level and takes 30 to 50 minutes to cross 1,300 vertical metres (4,265 ft).

Dagali Fjellpark, Norway:

Dagali Fjellpark - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos)

You don't need to bring your basic sled from home to this Norwegian sledding spot. Dagali Fjellpark rents out sleds designed specifically for the hills, capable of reaching speeds of 70 kilometers per hour (45 miles per hour) under the correct conditions. This is the longest groomed toboggan slide in Norway, so you'll need a ski lift to get back to the top after you're finished.

Bergun, Switzerland: begins its descent down Europe's longest floodlit sledding course, which begins in Preda and ends in Bergun. A picturesque ride up the Rhaetian Railway takes you to Preda, over 6,000 feet above sea level, where you may have a bite to eat before beginning your four-mile sledding adventure through the mountains. On your journey down, navigate the twists and turns while admiring the vistas of snow-capped mountains and ancient stone bridges. When you reach the bottom, the Rhaetian Railway will be waiting for those who want to go again. Image of Verbier, Switzerland. (Leo-setä is used under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.)

Ski Dubai, United Arab Emirates:

When you think of Dubai, snow is probably the last thing that comes to mind, but Ski Dubai has more than 236,000 square feet of snow every year. At the world's largest indoor snow park, you may spend hours skiing and snowboarding, ziplining, and doing other activities. Make time for the tobogganing hills and dual track bobsled tracks. Race your pals to the bottom to see who's the fastest. The last one down is a rotten egg! Ski Dubai Panorama (Curtis Palmer).

Telluride, Colorado, United States:

Telluride, Colorado, United States:

Telluride is well-known for its excellent skiing and resort town atmosphere, but it is also a fantastic sledding destination. For some serious sledding fun, head to Town Park, often known as Firecracker Hill among the locals. It's one of the most affordable types of entertainment in town, and it's a great excuse to warm up afterwards in the thriving Après-ski scene.

Skyline Luge, multiple locations:

While not sledding in the traditional sense, Skyline Luge provides an enjoyable luging experience without the white stuff. So whether you find yourself in a location without snow or simply miss sledding during the summer season, you can race down the hills with Skyline Luge in Singapore, New Zealand, and Canada.

Cypress Snow Tube Park, Vancouver, British Columbia:

Cypress Snow Tube Park has six chutes that are each more than 320 feet long, making it the ideal destination to spend a winter day. Feel the excitement and rush of flying down the slopes without having to worry about going back up; their tube tow will do the work for you. If the tracks are too daunting for young children (or the rider does not fulfill the 42-inch height limit), travel to the sliding section, where you can bring your own sled. This location has a mild slope with a 13-foot drop above 80 feet.