Best Things to Buy in Srinagar

Best Things to Buy in Srinagar

Nestled in the western Kashmir Valley by the Jhelum River, Srinagar is the largest municipality and the summer wanted of Jammu & Kashmir. Known for its scenic beauty, historic gardens, trappy houseboats, meandering river, and pleasant climate, the picturesque town of Srinagar is a welter for all travelers whether be it a nature lover, photographer, or venture junkie. Besides, Srinagar is one of the weightier places for shopaholics as the municipality boasts of several popping local markets, studded with shops selling all pure Kashmiri products. From affordable jewelry to priceless Pashmina shawls, handicrafts, and wooden carvings, there are a plethora of things to buy in Srinagar for your loved ones on your trip to Kashmir. Are you tumbled well-nigh what to buy in Srinagar? Then, trammels out our list of some of the weightier things to buy in Srinagar as part of Kasmir Tour Packages.


Best things To Buy In Srinagar

Don’t you overly think of leaving Srinagar without ownership trappy pashminas? These pashminas are perfectly crafted by experienced craftsmen of Kashmir from the wool of ibex found in Ladakh. The art of shawl making is increasingly of a family affair, passed on from one generation to another. Thanks to their lightweight, trappy buta motifs, and the unmatched warmth they offer, Kashmiri shawls have been immensely popular wideness the world for decades now. The varied colors, designs, and weaving patterns of real Pashmina wardrobe will surely spoil you with choices. Lal Chowk, Nowshera, Eidgah, Kawdara, and Government Arts Emporium are some of the popular places to visit in Srinagar to buy Pashmina Shawls.



Best things To Buy In Srinagar

Kashmiri Carpets are among the must-buy things while shopping in Srinagar. The weaving pattern, design, intricate work, and verisimilitude combinations are highly known worldwide. The origin of hand-knotted carpets locally known as ‘Kal baffi’ dates when to the 15th century. The unique technique with which the Kashmiri carpets are knotted makes them stronger and last over long durations. The purest kind of carpet is hand-knotted and made using pure wool or pure silk. Available in a wide range of colors, designs, and sizes, these carpets are often expensive, and their price depends on the size and quality. Some of the weightier places to buy Kashmiri Carpets are Badshah Chowk, Government Art Emporium, and Polo View Market.


Best things To Buy In Srinagar

Locally known as Traam, Srinagar is moreover famous for its copper utensils and copper home decor items. It is one of the weightier things to buy while shopping in Srinagar. Copperware acts as a symbol of elegance and royalty with its beautifully carved designs and patterns. Some of the popular items to shop in Srinagar are Lota(pot), Naer (water jug), Serving spoons, trays, Samovar (for preparing tea) and much more. Shehr-e-Khaas, Lal Chowk, and Zaina Kadal Road are some of the weightier places to shop and buy this copperware and utensils in Kashmir. If you love Copper Utensils, then don’t miss to buy these items as part of Srinagar tour packages.

Kashmiri Tea

Best things To Buy In Srinagar

Kashmiri Tea is one of the most popular and high-in-demand shopping items that should be on every traveler’s list during your Kashmir Trip. Kashmiri Tea is known for its wondrous and truly hypnotic verisimilitude and flavor. Variegated from everyday tea, Kashmiri Tea is made using pure untried or oolong tea leaves. Favorite among the travelers are Kashmiri Kahwa and Noon Chai, which is pink in verisimilitude and takes well-nigh an hour to prepare due to their special method of preparation. Chai Jaai, Kulhad Chai, Winterfell Cafe, and Floating Market are some of the weightier places to have Kashmiri Tea in Srinagar, among the top hill stations in India.

Papier Mache Products

Best things To Buy In Srinagar

Another famed thing to buy in Srinagar is Papier Mache products. This incredible art was brought from Persia to India in the 14th century by the Muslim saint Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani. It is an intricate and soft-hued artwork made by using paper pulp as the main raw material which is molded into variegated shapes and sizes. These items are coated with lacquer to make it water resistant and durable. The colors used for ‘Naqashi’or the designing on the papier mache products is organic or of vegetable-base. Sold all over the city, one can pick several lulu papier mache items like ornaments, candle stands, paintings, bangles, bowls, vases, and trays from variegated local markets. Polo View Market, Zaina Kadal Road, Badshah Chowk are some of the weightier places to buy papier mache products in Srinagar.

Walnut Wood Carvings

Best things To Buy In Srinagar

Another famous shopping item in Srinagar is walnut wood carvings. Since Walnut is found voluminously in Kashmir, the scarification on the wood is washed-up by highly talented craftsmen with the help of ethnic tools. You can see the real eyeful of wood without polishing which makes it squint sheen and glossy. From jewelry boxes to showpieces and decorative items, one can find a variety of Walnut Wood products in Srinagar. Polo View Market and Lal Chowk are the weightier places to buy Walnut Wood Scarification objects in Srinagar as part of honeymoon tour packages.

Dry Fruits

Best things To Buy In Srinagar

Since Kashmir is known to be the hub of dry fruits all over India, it is one of the must buy item while shopping in Srinagar. Dry Fruits are such items that are often liked by everyone and most of the people love to eat as their daily diet. Though Kashmir offers a wide range of dry fruits, some of the most popular ones are Almond, Walnut, Cashews, Hazelnuts, and Figs. Lal Chowk and Residency Road are the popular places to buy Dry Fruits in Srinagar, among the weightier India tourist places.


Best things To Buy In Srinagar

Last but not the least, Kashmiri Spices are flipside popular item that one must buy as part of Jammu & Kashmir packages. Almost found in all the local markets of Srinagar, the zephyr of these spices is really refreshing and hypnotic. Everything is pure and pure in Srinagar from Kashmiri red chilies, saffron to nutmeg, brown cardamom, woebegone cumin, and star anise. Residency Road and Lal Chowk are the weightier places to buy spices in Srinagar as part of India tour packages.


What is the famous thing of Srinagar?

Srinagar is well-known for its stunning Dal Lake, Kashmiri cuisine, natural beauty, and houseboats. It is undeniably a fascinating city that everyone should see at least once in their lives.

Which is the main market in Srinagar?

Lal Chowk.

What is the best gift from Kashmir?

  • Basrakh.
  • Kesar
  • Kashmir Inspired Product
  • Walnut Tart From Moonlight Bakery

What are special at Srinagar Kashmir?

  • Kashmiri Tea
  • Copperware
  • Walnut Wood Items. Source
  • Papier Mache Artifacts. Papier Mache Products
  • Lal Chowk. Kashmiri Shawls at Lal Chowk