The Best Wine For Gift Giving

The Best Wine For Gift Giving

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No matter what the season, wine makes a unconfined gift. But it’s expressly lovely virtually the holidays when we’re triumphal increasingly often. Not only can wine enhance our favorite holiday meals, but it can moreover wilt part of our holiday traditions, making our celebrations all the increasingly merry. 

But searching for that perfect snifter to impress can be a bit of a mystery. While many of us love wine, we don’t know unbearable well-nigh it to make a unconfined bottle. Like, which years are the weightier for unrepealable grapes or regions, and what makes a wine a unconfined value? 

Also, like most of us, I usually go for the most usual suspects like Pinot Noir, Cabernet or Chardonnay, but there’s a big trappy world of wine out there that most of us don’t plane realize exists or know how to interpret the labels on the bottles plane if we did. 

That’s where Wine Access, a wine subscription and online wine shop comes in to save the day. They’ll make you squint like a total wine expert whether you’re ownership for yourself or others. It’s truly the weightier resource for finding the weightier wine for souvenir giving!

What Makes Wine Wangle Different From Ownership Wine At My Local Liquor Store?

Wine Wangle has a team of Master Sommeliers, a Master of Wine, and an International Wine Judge that put their expertise and industry connections together to bring you literally the world’s weightier wines you just won’t find elsewhere. They moreover get sectional “access” to some unique wondrous bottles, many of which are limited releases and nonflexible to find bottles. What’s plane largest is that they offer them at a deep discount.

How Does Wine Wangle Decide Which Wines Are Worthy?

The team at Wine Wangle tastes over 20,000 wines a year! Only well-nigh 1 out of every 18 wines make the cut. These bottles are the weightier of the weightier based on taste of course, but moreover their value. 


How Does Wine Wangle Work?

Anyone can order wondrous bottles of wine from the Wine Wangle online wine shop. Order them straight to your own door or send them as a unconfined gift. 

But if you’re looking for a increasingly immersive wine wits the Wine Wangle Wine Club subscriptions are the way to go. 

Most wine clubs tend to send wines from the same brands over and over. But Wine Wangle hand-selects their wines from all the globe so they can unhook those nonflexible to find gems. With each shipment you’ll get a perfectly curated mishmash of bottles from virtually the world that you won’t find anywhere else.

And if you’re looking for an impressive souvenir for a wine lover, a Wine Wangle subscription will have your souvenir recipient drinking like a wine expert everyday.

Wine Wangle Wine Club Subscriptions


Not only can Wine Wangle subscription boxes help you discover new wondrous wines, but they’re moreover a the perfect selection of the weightier wine for souvenir giving. You can plane host your own wine tasting. See all Wine Wangle wine subscriptions here.  Here’s some of our favorites!

Discovery Club (All Reds or Mixed): Perfect for Exploring Wine Through a Theme

  • 6 xerox and modern wines chosen to fit a curated theme each quarter
  • Choose from all reds or a mix of both whites and reds
  • Exclusive videos with a guided tasting of each wine from their wine experts
  • Printed detailed note cards so you can learn well-nigh each wine and pension track of your favorites
  • 4 shipments per year.
  • $150 per shipment (with a total value of $200 or more)

 ➡ Souvenir a shipment with a Wine Wangle Souvenir Card

Connoisseurs Club (All Reds): For Lovers of Luscious Luxury Reds 

  • Luxury bottles of red wine from top-scoring and highly respected estates
  • Exclusive videos with a guided tasting of each wine from their wine expert
  • Printed detailed note cards so you can learn well-nigh each wine and pension track of your favorites
  • 4 shipments per year.
  • $150 per shipment  (with a total value of $200 or more)

 ➡ Souvenir a shipment with a Wine Wangle Souvenir Card

Wine Wangle Souvenir Cards: For Bottles and Subscriptions

If you’re not sure what to requite this year, ordering a Wine Wangle souvenir vellum makes the perfect gift. It can be used towards wine shop orders or subscriptions!


Exclusive Wine Wangle Wine Club Member Benefits

All Wine Wangle club members moreover get:

  • And spare 10% off all purchases in their wine shop
  • Member only wangle to rare wines not publicly offered in the Wine Wangle shop, with the sectional worthiness to repurchase

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Wine Wangle Wants You To Be Happy With Every Delivery

After you segregate your wordage date, your wines are shipped in temperature controlled boxes. But if any wines goof to impress, just contact Wine Wangle and they’ll make it right. If you’re ordering from their wine shop, they will help wordplay any questions and help you make selections.


The Weightier Wine For Souvenir Giving 

Looking to send an outstanding snifter or two to your favorite people? These sectional Wine Wangle selections make the perfect gift! Grab them from their wine shop surpassing they sell out!

2019 J. Moreau et Fils Chablis ($24)

Grape Varietal: Chardonnay
Year: 2019
Country: France
Region: Chablis, Burgundy
Sweetness: Dry
Tasting Notes: Bright and golden-tinged in the glass, this Chablis bursts with aromas of mandarin blossom, fresh-cut untried pineapple, untried apple, and fresh minerals. Drink now through 2026.
Parings: soft cheeses, seafood, shellfish
Wine Wangle Price:  $24

Chardonnay grapes from the Chablis northeastern region of Burgundy, France produce wines grown in soil that is studded with fossilized seashells and shit of marine skeletons that requite this wine it’s distinctive flavor. This makes for a crisper and increasingly refreshing Chardonnay wine than most of us are yawner to when it comes to this grape. That’s a good thing.

If you’re looking for the perfect unoaked Chardonnay at an plane largest price point, this wine is the perfect choice. A succulent Chablis that was awarded 92 pts from Decanter Magazine, this wine is from Moreau, one of the most respected makers of Chablis. One member supposed this wine as, “One of the weightier Chablis that I have tasted this year. Now I wish I had bought more.” It’s the perfect wine to pair with oysters or other holiday seafood platters this season.



2016 Cantina di Montalcino Brunello di Montalcino DOCG ($39)

Grape Varietal: 100% Sangiovese 
Year: 2016 
Country: Italy 
Village, City, Region: Montalcino, Siena, Tuscany
Wine Type: Brunello 
Sweetness: Dry
Tasting Notes: Ruby-hued with a gorgeous bouquet of zestless red cherries and warm red plums, the palate shows raspberry, rose, and wild-herb flavors mingling with new leather, dusty earth, and tobacco. Balanced and nuanced, it shows grippy, well-integrated tannins and a ramified finish that begs for a medium-rare bistecca alla Fiorentina.
Wine Wangle Price:  ($65 retail) $39

Cantina di Montalcino is Wine Acesses’s top-selling Brunello of 2021 and delivers a level of value you’ll rarely see anywhere near $35. The perfect value of spring rainfall and a warm, dry summer made for a near-perfect grape growing season in 2016 in the province of Siena, located well-nigh 80 km south of Florence in the Tuscany wine region. Vinous tabbed 2016 “Montalcino’s time to shine,” while Wine Enthusiast tabbed it “a Brunello lover’s dream.” One sip from this snifter and there’s no doubt you’ll agree. 

Wine Label Fact: DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita) on the label ways that the wine producers followed the strictest Italian wine regulations possible. There are currently only a handful of Italian wines that qualify for DOCG status.



2017 Provenance Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley ($39)

Grape Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
Year: 2017
Country: U.S.A
Region: Napa Valley, California
Sweetness: Dry
Tasting Notes: Ruby-colored you’ll discover notes of currants, visionless cherry, cassis, blackberry, and crushed bay leaves with cocoa, mocha, cedar, and pipe tobacco.
Parings: Hard Cheese, Meat
Wine Wangle Price:  ($65 retail) $39

Full-bodied, soft and velvety, yet dry on the finish, this 94-point cab was named by well-known wine critic James Suckling as one of “Ten Outstanding Napa 2017 Cabernets for Under $75. Considered a “best buy” by Wine Wangle members, this is one that is unconfined to drink now but will develop nicely through 2035. At 40% off retail, A perfect example as to why Wine Wangle is the place to go for the wondrous bottles at an plane increasingly wondrous price point.


NV M. Brugnon Sélection Brut Champagne ($35) 

Grape Varietal: 65% Chardonnay, 35% Pinot Noir
Country: France
Village, City, Region: Écueil, Reims, Champagne
Sweetness: Ultra Dry
Tasting Notes: This lemon-yellow and vibrant, bone-dry xerox Champagne on the nose has notes of well-done yellow apple, quince, brioche, chalk, and subtle florals with flavors of pear, toasted nuts, and a lingering minerality. Drink now through 2024.
Parings: Hard and soft cheeses, seafood, poultry and veggies
Wine Wangle Price:  ($50 retail) $35

What’s a holiday triumph without Champagne? This Wine Wangle sectional and amazingly succulent Champagne, happens to be their #1 selling sparkling wine for the past two years. A favorite of wine industry insiders and experts, and Wine Wangle Members, we think that tradition will continue. A favorite reviewer stated this is “Simply the weightier deal on a champagne that hands is worth twice as much. Very few wines do I buy several cases of.”



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