Must-Do Activities in Memphis

Must-Do Activities in Memphis

Memphis isn’t just a city; it’s an atmosphere, particularly when night descends. Walking down Beale Street is like walking into a live music video, with melodies pouring out of every establishment and the scent of BBQ lingering in the air. But Memphis is more than just its legendary street. It’s a city where history is around every corner, from the remnants of Elvis at Sun Studio to the vibrant crannies of Overton Square.

Here, nights are for investigating, sampling, and experiencing. Whether you’re swaying to a blues ensemble or diving into a plate of ribs, Memphis at night is an experience that stays with you.

1. Experience the Rhythm at B.B. King’s Blues Club on Beale Street

Step into B.B. King’s Blues Club on Beale Street and experience the distinct nightlife in Memphis. This is the cornerstone of the city’s music culture. Here, the legacy of the blues monarch himself carries on in every note.

As you enter, the vibrant atmosphere surrounds around you. Live musicians occupy the stage, filling the air with blues, jazz, and soul. It’s a place where music history is palpable, and every performance is a tribute to the titans.

Grab a plate of the club’s famous ribs, locate a location near the stage, and let the music move you. The energy here is electrifying, a blend of residents and travelers all united by the rhythm of Beale Street.

2. Cruise the Mighty Mississippi on the Queen Line Moonlight Cruise

Ready for a distinct view of Memphis? A Mississippi Riverboat cruise at night offers just that. Picture gliding along the Mighty Mississippi, the city lights reflecting like jewels on the water. The Memphis Queen Line Moonlight Cruise is an excellent choice for this experience.

As the Memphis Queen leisurely meanders, you’ll see Memphis’s skyline from a whole new perspective. The soothing murmur of the riverboat and the quiet rippling of the waves create a serene backdrop.

The Memphis Queen Line Moonlight Cruise often features a supper option, turning the voyage into a delightful culinary experience. Others focus on the views, providing a tranquil retreat from the city’s bustle. Whether it’s an intimate excursion or an enjoyable night with friends, this riverboat cruise allows you experience the finest Memphis nightlife.

3. Discover Memphis’ Starlit Natural Oasis at Shelby Farms Park

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Ever considered about escaping the city lights for a night? Shelby Farms Park offers just that – a natural retreat right in Memphis. It’s one of the largest urban parks in America, and at night, it transforms into a tranquil sanctuary under the stars.

Here, you can decompress on a nocturnal walk, the paths illuminated gently, guiding you through the expansive landscapes. For a more active evening, bring your bike and ride along the park’s footpaths, experiencing the refreshing night breeze. Or, assemble some pals for a star-gazing session on the open fields, exclaiming at the immensity of the night sky.

4. Bask in Overton Square’s Sunset Serenade of Arts and Eats

Overton Square really comes alive when the sun lowers. Here, you’ll find a vibrant blend of dining, music, and art, all pulsating with the city’s unique cadence.

Start your evening with a meal at one of the many eclectic restaurants. Whether it’s sophisticated dining or a casual eatery, the flavors here are as diverse as the city itself. Then, let the sound of live music guide you through the streets. From jazz to rock, every rhythm recounts a part of the best Memphis’ story.

5. Embrace Starlit Evenings at Mud Island River Park’s Riverside Retreat

Mud Island River Park offers a unique opportunity to experience this iconic Mississippi River at night. It’s a serene retreat right in the center of Memphis.

Stroll along the Riverwalk, a scale replica of the Mississippi. Feel the cool atmosphere as you gaze at the lights reflecting on the water. It’s tranquil here, with the city’s bustle just a stone’s toss away but feeling galaxies apart.

6. Experience the Thrills at Graceland

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Have you ever explored the residence of a legend under the moonlight? Graceland, Elvis Presley’s iconic residence, offers one of the best Memphis things to do at night. It’s a step back into the life of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

The mansion, illuminated up against the night sky, contains stories of fame, music, and personal moments. It’s subdued, more intimate, allowing you truly imbibe the aura of Elvis.

The exhibits, from Elvis’ flamboyant stage costumes to his classic car collection, take on a new radiance in the evening light. And don’t overlook the Meditation Garden, a tranquil site for reflection, especially serene in the evening.

7. Savor the Flavors at Central BBQ

Taste the authentic essence of Memphis at Central BBQ. Known for its mouth-watering barbecue, Central BBQ is where locals and visitors come to indulge in the genuine flavor of the South.

As you enter inside, the aroma of smoked meats permeates the air, promising a feast for your senses. From succulent jerked pork to tender ribs, each dish is a labor of love, smoked to perfection. Pair your entrée with a side of homemade BBQ beans or coleslaw for the full experience.

Central BBQ at night buzzes with a genial, laid-back atmosphere. It’s a place to decompress, appreciate excellent cuisine, and maybe even strike up a conversation with fellow BBQ enthusiasts.

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8. Explore the Enigma of Sun Studio

Step into Sun Studio after dusk and sense the pulse of music history. This legendary location, known as the epicenter of rock ‘n’ roll, offers a unique nocturnal excursion. It’s where luminaries like Elvis, Johnny Cash, and B.B. King recorded their groundbreaking songs.

Touring Sun Studio at night, you’re walking on consecrated territory. The vintage equipment, the iconic photographs, and the very walls seem to murmur tales of musical ingenuity. It’s an intimate experience, allowing you take in the aura of legends.

9. Discover the Charms of Cooper-Young

Looking for the center of Memphis’ artistic environment after dark? Head to Cooper-Young, the city’s eccentric quarter. Here, a colorful tapestry of artists, musicians, and chefs weaves together a unique evening experience. This vibrant neighborhood is a must-visit for anyone seeking Memphis nighttime things to do with a creative twist.

Stroll down the streets lined with eclectic boutiques, art galleries, and vintage shops. The area buzzes with vitality, fueled by the creativity of its residents.

10. Dance the Night Away at Lafayette’s Music Room in Overton Square

Lafayette's Rebirth in Overton Square Brings More Than Music to Memphis -  Memphis magazine

Lafayette’s Music Room in Overton Square is where Memphis’ musical pulse beats loud and distinct. Known for its live performances, Lafayette’s draws together music enthusiasts from all aspects of life.

Inside, the energy is infectious. Bands occupy the stage, filling the room with everything from jazz and blues to rock and music. It’s a place where live music is the spirit of the party, and every night is a celebration.

But Lafayette’s offers more than just excellent sounds. Their menu features delectable Southern-inspired dishes and a wide selection of beverages. Here for a complete supper or just to appreciate the music with a drink in hand? The ambiance is always welcoming.