laura fuentes food lifestyle entrepreneur

laura fuentes food lifestyle entrepreneur

When the world is running faster than your imagination it gets difficult to maintain one's health. Convenience takes over the nutrition. A ready-to-eat burger over the healthy home cooked food is everyone's choice. The whole food lifestyle has taken a turn. What we eat in a day affects vastly oh how our day is going to be. It affects not only our physical, mental and emotional health.

This article will explore all the benefits and ways to maintain your well-being by adopting a good food lifestyle. And our guide to this article will be, Laura Fuentes food lifestyle entrepreneur.

What is Laura Fuentes food lifestyle entrepreneur?

Born and raised in Spain and definitely going to make you friends if you can pronounce her name right! They are best known for providing lifesaving services to parents with a tight schedule! Her and her team together make a dynamic group that is set to bring the enormous change in the world of a food lifestyle. Laura Fuentes food lifestyle entrepreneur is the most prominent in the field of food.

The food entrepreneur, Laura Fuentes

Laura Fuentes food lifestyle entrepreneur

Fuentes landed in US in her teens and hold a degree in Global Economic Relations. With MBA in International Business Operations. And gets A+ for speaking various languages. Well, many will think to find a regular lady like her in many US corporate world, but the story turns out a bit different. A mom of three and a needy dog, Laura stays outside of New Orleans with husband and her family. Journey of Laura Fuentes food lifestyle entrepreneur began years ago. When she started documenting her process of learning to cook the healthy meals Which then took her to the MOMables, a guide for parents to get fresh lunches every day. A successful businesswoman who created the multi-faceted career in the field of food industry.


Author of the cookbook, Laura Fuentes

Laura, CEO OF MOMables and the author of Laura Fuentes cookbooks is the renowned entrepreneur. Laura Fuentes recipes have recently taken a top notch hit on the list of top food lifestyle entrepreneur. Not one but she has written many great pieces. All of them to help the millions of busy people who have been neglecting their health for over the years now. Laura made it all simple by providing them millions of great recipes. Laura Fuentes recipes are easy and simple. They can be used by anyone and give them simple yet delicious meal within minutes. The Taco Tuesday, Clean Treats, The Best Homemade Kid's Snacks are just the few of the masterpieces of Laura Fuentes cookbooks.

Laura Fuentes discusses health and fitness

Health and fitness are parallel to healthy and nutritious diet. She lays stress on incorporating the balanced diet in our every day. Fresh and whole foods are the secret ingredient of Laura's health and fitness cookbooks and Laura Fuentes recipes. The major principle she emphasizes on are-

  • Balanced nutrition: Adding variety of fruit groups might be helpful for the health. Include fruits and vegetables with grains and proteins.
  • Meal planning: Laura Fuentes recipes are mainly the core of balanced meal which starts with the good meal planning. Avoid fast food and create your own pattern of healthy fats and other nutrients.
  • Follow moderation: However healthy foods are good. But having moderations in healthy food is important. Do not overeat or over cook. Be mindful with your meals.
  • Lifestyle: Well, no matter how healthy you eat. If your body has no access to fresh air, light and movements, all your efforts might go in drain.

Laura Fuentes' role in the lifestyle industry

An advocate of health and fitness, Laura Fuentes has been playing a crucial role in the lifestyle industry. Her aim is to provide each family with healthy and nutritious easy meals. Her work has given practical solutions to the modern-day health problems. Her online presence is a big help to all who look up to her for balanced diets. With the blessing of MOMables and being a Cookbook author, Laura has done her best to support all those looking to adopt healthy lifestyle. Her family centred approach is what has been praised more than anything. Making our lives easier than ever!

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What can we expect from Laura Fuentes in the future?

To be honest, a lot! Expect everything and anything! What's that which our Luara can help with us?! She is highly sought-after speaker and now has turned into the household name! Featured on various television shows and magazine, Laura Fuentes food lifestyle entrepreneur has been on fire! We can expect many more health guides to come in future. More Laura Fuentes recipes, Laura Fuentes cookbooks and much more!

Connect with Laura Fuentes

In case you are looking to connect with Laura. You may consider subscribing their newsletter, join their clean eat programs or follow their website and social media handles. For more information you may also reach out to their email.


Conclusion? Well, looking for good and easy meals? There is no one better than Laura Fuentes food lifestyle entrepreneurs! With millions of recipes and plans, make your lifer easier and healthier like never before.


  • Is Laura Fuentes plans helpful?

Yes! They are beneficial for those looking for quick and healthy recipes.

  • Does Laura Fuentes provide allergy-based recipes?

Yes, she has everything for everyone.

  • Is Laura Fuentes pancakes any good?

Tried and tested. They are best and healthy!

  • From where does Laura Fuentes shop her groceries?

Anywhere which has fresh and nutritious veggies.

  • How do I measure 'flour' to follow her recipes?

All the details regarding the quantities are provided in her cookbooks and podcasts.