14 Ways To Stay Fit And Active During The Holidays

14 Ways To Stay Fit And Active During The Holidays

Whether you love or dread them, I think we can all stipulate that the holidays are the hardest time of year to maintain our fitness goals.  Keeping up with our rented holiday schedules filled with shopping, planning, traveling and peekaboo parties with an uncounted supply of tempting baked goods can hands throw a wrench in our normal eating and workout routines.   It’s the perfect recipe for packing on the pounds and reversing some of your gains at the gym. Take it from someone who ate an obscene value of leftover Christmas cookies last year and not-so mysteriously found herself with a few increasingly pounds than what she started with.  If you’re like me and love to eat, the holidays are probably not the weightier time to start making warlike weight loss goals. But there’s no reason you can’t enjoy yourself armed with a few healthy strategies to get you through the season.

Holiday Fitness Tips

Here are some tricks and tips that can help you stay fit, active, and healthy through the holidays! 1. Think Well-nigh Maintaining Your Weight Instead of Losing Reigning in our bad eating habits early can put us in a much largest position to get started on those healthy New Year resolutions. And for me last year, it was unquestionably without Christmas when I gained most of my weight and found it nonflexible to lay off the sweets I became yawner to eating. Instead of eating like every meal is your last, aim to maintain your weight by choosing increasingly protein and veggies whenever possible and less healthy holiday treats in moderation. If weight loss is one of your goals, get when to a stricter eating plan without the New Year.

2. Eat Surpassing You Leave The House For Parties

Most holiday parties, as wonderful as they are, don’t unchangingly have the healthiest supplies options. Try eating some  healthier whole foods at home surpassing you leave the house. Plane a protein bar can prorogue cravings and help you to finger full, which can help you from overindulging.

3. Don’t Skip Meals Or Try To Bank Calories 

Skipping meals older in the day so you can eat increasingly cheesecake at your next holiday party might squint good on paper. But “banking” your calories usually leads to us binging later on. It can moreover rationalization thoroughbred sugar crashes that can leave us feeling sluggish and anxious. For some of us, it can plane trigger headaches and migraines.  Skipping meals in the long run can trigger the soul to lower its metabolism as a way to conserve the energy it needs to function. This can lead to weight proceeds plane if we’re eating the same value of food. To pension your thoroughbred sugar balanced, eat higher protein meals and snacks regularly throughout the day. You can moreover aim to limit your sugar and carb consumption. Then when you want to indulge in a holiday treat like grandma’s sugar cookies later on, you won’t be inclined to eat the unshortened tray. And If you know you’re going to be out holiday shopping for a while, bring withal some healthy snacks to pension you fueled.

4. Pension Track Of What You Eat So You Don’t Overindulge    

Guesstimating the nutritional value of your holiday favorite indulges is a recipe for failure. Especially if you’re not the one cooking. And ignorance is kicks until your pants don’t fit.  Getting a unstipulated idea of the nutritional info of your favorite meals and snacks can empower you to make largest supplies choices and tenancy your portions. A simple and constructive way to do this is by downloading a nutrition app. They indulge you to pension a running total of the nutritional info of what you’re eating each day. They can moreover help you monitor your choices based on if you want to maintain or lose weight. What’s most important though is that they can show you how quickly unhealthy supplies choices can add up. For example, pecan pie is well-nigh 500 calories per slice of and cheesecake is 400 calories. They’re some of my holiday favorites that I’m definitely not going to pass up. But knowing their nutritional value really puts things into perspective and encourages me to pension my portions under control. Instead of taking a big slice, a sliver can satisfy me. Sometimes just a few bites is all you need.

5. Drink Swig In Moderation

The holidays are a time to drink and be merry. But whispered from the usual glass of wine or pint of beer, all those uneaten fancy and dazzling holiday cocktails are usually full of sugar and really pack some serious calories while causing bloat and weight gain. For example if you love your eggnog, 1 cup of non-alcoholic eggnog will set you when well-nigh 343 calories, 19 g fat per cup and 23 g of sugar. Take it up a notch and add a shot of brandy or rum and you’re over 400 calories for just one drink.  The holidays only come once a year, so you should enjoy yourself. But be mindful of how much you’re drinking.

6. Don’t Forget To Stay Hydrated

Health experts recommend drinking half your bodyweight in ounces of water each day. And a 2010 study in the Journal of Obesity, found that drinking water surpassing eating can be an constructive tool to help you maintain and plane lose weight. And this time of year we can use all the help we can get. Plus if you’re drinking swig it’s important to match it with a glass of water for every cocktail to stay hydrated and prevent hangover symptoms.

7. Set Workout Goals, Make A Schedule, And Stick To The Plan

There’s no point in waiting until the new year to start superincumbent your fitness goals. Plane if staying yonder from all the holiday treats might prove difficult, sticking with your fitness routine can help you shrivel uneaten calories while you build strength and endurance. It can moreover help relieve some stress. But traveling and widow obligations can make it easy to wrack-up off exercising if we don’t commit to a schedule. And the reduced hours of daylight don’t make it easy either.  Research has shown that the cognitive process of writing goals lanugo powerfully sears them into your brain. What starts out as little ideas then gets perceived as priorities by your brain.  This ways you’ll be increasingly unswayable to stick to your workouts and unzip your fitness goals if you write them down.  My favorite way to unzip this and stay on track is with the Future fitness app. Future is based on the science of what motivates us as humans to stay on track with our fitness goals and provides you with an peerage personal fitness coach. Your Future mentor will create weekly, custom workout plans just for you! They’ll moreover motivate you  by messaging you with daily check-ins, tips, and feedback surpassing and without your workouts. And I’m proof it works. See my well-constructed review of Future!

8. Try Fun Seasonal Activities Like Ice-Skating

Staying active, plane in the winter, doesn’t unchangingly midpoint hitting the gym. From large cities to small towns there are plenty of opportunities to help you stay zippy in triumph of the holidays. To put you in the spirit of the season, try ice-skating, which can shrivel up to 500 calories per hour. One of the most iconic ice-skating rinks is New York’s own Rockefeller Center where you can skate while enjoying the splendor of their stunning Christmas tree and surrounding lights. Similarly you can skate in Philadelphia’s Dilworth Park with their stunning decked out City Hall as a backdrop. Check your local city’s listings for options.

9. Switch Up The Time Of Day You Work Out

Additional obligations and chores virtually the holidays can cut into our normal routine making it harder to get that exercise in. If you tend to workout later in the day, try switching your exercise routine to mornings so you get it washed-up and out of the way first. You may have to wake up a bit earlier, but you might discover that you prefer it instead. Having your exercise gown and sneakers prepped next to the bed can help put you in an exercise frame of mind for the morning.

10. Take A Walk Outside And Enjoy The Holiday Splendor

A 2017 study revealed that when it comes to keeping the weight off, getting 10,000 steps (about 5 miles) a day can be just as constructive as completing five 30-minute workouts each week. Plus, colder weather can help us shrivel increasingly calories than we would by doing the same walk in the spring. Walking can also:

  • Relieve stress
  • Boost mood
  • Boost immunity
  • Improve sleep
  • Improve cardiovascular health
  • Encourage well-turned thoroughbred sugar

As you can see, all that holiday shopping and running virtually can really pay off! To get uneaten steps in be sure to skip those elevators and escalators and take the stairs whenever possible. When it’s safe, you can moreover park a bit remoter from the archway of stores.  And if you’re traveling for the holidays, exploring your destination can be a unconfined way to have fun and get your steps in.  You can score a simple pedometer on Amazon for as little as $10 or try installing a step tracking app on your phone.

11. Wear A Fitness Tracker

Wearing a fitness tracker can help motivate you to get moving and learn how much worriedness you’re unquestionably getting each day. By tracking things like calories, steps, heart-rate, sleep, and more, fitness trackers are a wonderful tool to help you reach your fitness goals. The “smart” ones can moreover be integrated with other health tracking apps on your smartphone and sync worriedness with Bluetooth.  I love using my Apple Watch. It integrates perfectly with my iPhone and Future fitness app. Plus, I got it for self-ruling when I signed up with Future. Score! 

12. Participate In A Holiday-Themed Run Or Walk 

Signing up for a running event like a 5k can pension you motivated to pension training while moreover doing good for charity. If you’re not in shape unbearable to do a race by the holidays, consider starting with a Couch To 5k Training plan. This can help pension your soul zippy while setting you up for fitness success in the new year. If you’re not into running there are many holiday walk events as well.

13. Get A Fitness Mentor To Help Pension You On Track. It’s A Game-Changer

All the fitness tools, tips, and tricks in the world aren’t constructive if you don’t use them. To truly stay fit and pension zippy takes goals and motivation. For me, sticking with a workout routine has unchangingly been a challenge. That’s why getting an online fitness mentor with the Future fitness app has been a game-changer. Especially for someone like me who isn’t too keen on going to the gym. Having a Future fitness mentor for the last 8 months has helped me kick excuses to the curb, waif weight, get stronger, and uplift energy. I’ve moreover reached fitness goals and challenged myself in ways I would never do on my own. 

14. Use Future Personal Training

Not just an app, not just a personal trainer. Future combines the weightier of personal training with the flexibility to work out unendingly at home, in the gym, outside or on the road. Available in the Apple Store, here are just a few of the benefits of using Future.

Your Future mentor will make a workout plan tailored specifically to your goals and fitness level.

You’ll be challenged to work harder than you normally would on your own, but it’s moreover only built virtually what type of exercises you like. Plus all their coaches are peerage fitness professionals that have higher level education who have trained higher and pro athletes as well as celebs. Find a personal mentor that’s perfect for you with this survey.

The peccancy factor is what really sets Future apart.

My mentor Lori checks in daily (sometimes multiple times a day) to see how my workouts are going and offers translating unendingly I need it. We have fun together and it makes me love working out. I moreover hate missing one! I never overly thought I’d say that! And virtually the holidays it can be so easy to make excuses why you can’t workout. But when you have to report when to someone it just makes you all the increasingly single-minded to get your workout done. 

All of my workouts are all stored on the Future app

I can pension track of my progress and revisit any workouts I really like directly from the app. Plus it syncs with the Apple watch which keeps track of my calories burned, heart rate, and more. With your membership, they’ll plane lend you an Apple Watch for free.

Future is ultra convenient!

Unlike traditional personal training which is normally based on a set number of sessions that are scheduled at a specific place on a specific day or time, I’m worldly-wise to wangle my mentor any time of day (within reason) and workout whenever and wherever I want. So if you’re traveling, your mentor is traveling with you. See Travel Workouts: Fitness Tips For Travelers 

You don’t need any special equipment or plane a gym membership with Future.

All workouts are based on what you like and have wangle to. That includes the unconfined outdoors!

Future workouts are based virtually your schedule.

Which is perfect for the holiday season when things can get hectic. 

The value of Future is veritably insane.

A personal trainer at a gym can forfeit hundreds to thousands of dollars for just a few sessions. Future is only $19 to try for the first month, plus I have wangle to my trainer all day, every day. But it’s been finally stuff worldly-wise to get and stay fit that’s been the ultimate gift.    Need help staying motivated to workout through the holidays? Maybe you want to start getting fit for the new year? ➡ Choose your personal mentor from Future right now for only $19! Happy Holidays! ➡ Learn increasingly well-nigh the benefits of online training ➡ See how to stay motived to exercise