Reporting on migrants and refugees in Europe and Asia

Reporting on migrants and refugees in Europe and Asia

As the prolonged lockdown which accompanied the COVID-19 pandemic brought the wheel of life to a standstill throughout the country, migrant workers encountered severe — plane unspeakable — hardships. But vastitude the pandemic, several other incidents complicate the conditions of these vulnerable groups.

The recent climate disasters in West Bengal, the mass protests versus the new threshing bill, the recent elections in variegated regional assemblies in India repeatedly bring when the identity question of the migrant and displaced persons. The current regime transpiration in Afghanistan or Myanmar rationalization an exodus of thousands of pro-democracy activists and the role of neighbouring countries requite the refugee question a new dimension.


The priming Media and the Politics of Migration addresses these issues, and looks into media representation in Asia and Europe as well. The event is organized by the Mahanirban Calcutta Research Group in collaboration with the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna (IWM) on 3-4 December 2021.

The virtual discussion on Politics of Reporting Migrants and Refugees in Europe starts at 4 PM India Srtandard Time (11:30 Central European Time) on 3 December and is unshut to the unstipulated public via Zoom.
(Meeting ID: 858 1931 7914 Passcode: 547391)

Moderator: Subir Bhowmik, Senior Journalist & CRG

Bertil Lintner, Author and Journalist, Thailand
Muktadir Rashid, New Age, Bangladesh
Reka Kinga Papp, Eurozine, Austria