Most Historic Places In The World

Most Historic Places In The World

Storied Sites

These captivating photos highlight the splendor of some of the most historic locations on Earth, from decaying ruins peeping through the mist to quirky cobblestone lanes and imposing old castles. Originally, these images were among the nominated entries for the History Hit/Historic England Historic Photographer of the Year Awards 2022. Here are some of our favorite winning and shortlisted submissions.

Newport Transporter Bridge, Newport, England, UK

Newport Transporter Bridge is essentially a suspended ferry, with a boom that allows ships to pass over and a railway track that a moving carriage travel on. There are only six functioning transporter bridges remaining in the world. This amazing photo by Itay Kaplan, taken shortly after sunrise in early morning fog, captures the monument, which opened in 1906, in a new light.

Church of Our Lady of the Angels, Pollença, Mallorca

A brief history of Pollença | Secret Mallorca

The Templar Knights constructed the Church of Our Lady of the Angels, which dates back to the thirteenth century. This photo by Bella Falk, which depicts light streaming through the stained-glass windows to produce a kaleidoscope effect on the ancient walls, makes it utterly captivating. "I absolutely love the play of light from the stained-glass windows creating such a glorious scene," Judge Fiona Shields remarked.

Tintern Abbey, Tintern, Wales, UK

Originally established in 1131 by Cistercian monks, Tintern Abbey is located on the Welsh bank of the river Wye. The magnificent Gothic building that is still visible today was built in the late 13th century. "As I arrived, the sun had crept over the adjacent hills, spreading rays through the central section of the abbey," stated Sam Binding, the photographer. You might be able to make out what appears to be a strange man in a cloak in the lower portion if you look attentively."

Royal Pavilion, Brighton, England, UK

In the eighteenth century, when Brighton was growing in popularity as a resort, King George IV utilized this magnificent landmark as his beach hideaway. A spectacular cloudscape enhances the majesty of this magnificent building, which was constructed with a blend of Indian, Mughal, European, and Chinese architectural elements.

Sandfields Pumping Station, Lichfield, England, UK

Unknown to most, the Grade II-listed Sandfields Pumping Station provides an intriguing look into Britain's industrial past by illuminating how Victorian-era towns obtained clean water. Regarding the "stunning" interior picture, Judge Philip Mowbray said, "the generally dark look and framing make it feel like a hidden treasure that's being discovered."

Orford Ness Pagodas, Suffolk, England, UK

Suffolk Pagodas | ADOXOBLOG

These two "pagodas" were used to test the constituent parts of the atomic bombs that were developed at Orford Ness during the Cold War. The abandoned location is now a landmark on the Suffolk coast, and photographer Martin Chamberlain, who is based in London, caught this stunning dawn snapshot of it.

La Petite Ceinture, Paris, France

La Petite Ceinture is a historic railway line that circles Paris and was used to carry people by steam train from 1852 and 1934. It is a popular destination for urban explorers drawn by the creepy ruins. Since then, it has been abandoned, overrun with up to 200 different types of plants and animals, and covered with graffiti. Paul Harris, a photographer based in Liverpool, captured the shot that made the short list.

Bibury, Gloucestershire, England, UK

Vitalij Bobrovic captured this dramatic photo of the quaint Cotswolds town of Bibury, giving it an entirely spookier appearance. The community, which textile designer William Morris (1834–96) referred to as "the most beautiful village in England," was recognized by the judges for the way the shot captured its distinct personality and individuality.

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Dovercourt Lighthouse, Essex, England, UK

This section of the Essex coast is marked by two beacons, the High and Low lighthouses, both constructed in 1863 to direct ships around Languard Point. Photographer Mark Roche captures their architectural grandeur in this tranquil picture, with the beacon creating a striking silhouette against the dusk's blues, indigos, and violets.

Red Sands Maunsell Fort, Whitstable, England, UK

How UK's Red Sands Sea Forts could become a luxury hotel | CNN

Built between 1942 and 1943 during World War II, the Maunsell Fort near Whitstable, Kent, is regarded as one of the most complete army-commissioned sea forts still standing in the United Kingdom. This photograph by George Fisk was hailed as "striking" by Judge Rich Payne, who also said that "the towers look other-worldly, like props from some long-forgotten sci-fi film."

Brighton West Pier, Brighton, England, UK

While fairground attractions and candyfloss draw crowds of tourists to Brighton's more recent Palace Pier, photographers are usually more intrigued by the skeleton remnants of West Pier. The haunting remnants of the monument, which was opened in 1866 but was devastated by fire and storms, are particularly tragic in this striking photo by Darren Smith, where two ghostly figures can be seen appearing on the coast.