Best Locations In The Upper Michigan Area To Live

Best Locations In The Upper Michigan Area To Live

As someone who has traveled extensively across Upper Michigan, I can attest to the region's breathtaking natural beauty as well as its cultural abundance. The variety of Upper Michigan is incredibly compelling, as seen by the spectacular vistas of the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore as well as the historic charm of communities such as Marquette and Hancock. It doesn't matter whether you're drawn to the peace and quiet of lakefront life, the charm of small, tight-knit communities, or the excitement of the great outdoors; Upper Michigan has a location that seems to be designed just for you.

But where to begin? For each individual, the optimal place is different. People may place a higher value on being close to nature, others may look for a strong feeling of community, and for many, cost is the most important factor.

Come along with me as I explore the greatest cities and towns to call home, taking into account the things that are most important to you. Because I am someone who has lived in Michigan and seen its numerous features, I am here to help you find the greatest areas to live in Upper Michigan using my expertise. For the purpose of compiling a list that is suitable for a variety of lifestyles and budgets, I have conducted extensive research, examined data, and interacted with locals. So, let's get started on our adventure!

The Best Places to Live in Upper Michigan

Eager to see the most stunning sites in Upper Michigan? Nestled in the northern area of the Midwest, Upper Michigan provides a broad assortment of living alternatives. Continue reading to learn the greatest living places in Upper Michigan.

Searching for the dream place in Upper Michigan? Whether it’s a quiet lakefront town or a dynamic community you prefer, Upper Michigan offers a spot that suits your expectations.

1. Drummond Island

Awesome Mitten's 2024 ULTIMATE Guide to Drummond Island MI

Discover an island hideaway that’s one of the nicest locations to live in Upper Michigan. Drummond Island has a distinct appeal, merging quiet natural beauty with a close-knit community spirit. Here, the days unfold with the peaceful rhythm of island life. The crystal-clear rivers entice kayaking and fishing enthusiasts, while deep woods provide a sanctuary for hikers and environment lovers.

In the center of this island, the small-town vibe is evident. Friendly faces and local companies give a feeling of belonging that’s unusual in today’s fast-paced world. Seasonal festivals bring the community together, honoring everything from local tradition to the majesty of the great outdoors.

2. Copper Harbor

Tucked away at the northernmost part of Upper Michigan, Copper Harbor is a jewel that shines among the nicest places to live in Upper Michigan. This little community is more than a gorgeous sight; it’s a lifestyle enjoyed by folks who love a peaceful, nature-filled living. The gorgeous Lake Superior coastline borders the town, giving spectacular vistas and countless outdoor activities.

Copper Harbor’s beauty resides in its tiny size and the tight community that comes with it. Here, everyone knows your name, and the pace of life enables you to relish each moment. The town’s main street is dotted with distinctive stores and cafés, each with its own tale to tell.

3. Hessel

Imagine a location where peace and beauty mix, providing an exquisite living experience. Hessel, a lovely hamlet in Upper Michigan, provides exactly that. Its magnificent marina, extending onto the enormous Lake Huron, encourages people to enjoy quiet riverside life. This tranquil location is one of the nicest spots in Upper Michigan to live in, where every daybreak offers a new experience.

The heart of Hessel rests in its robust communal spirit. Local activities, from art displays to fishing contests, build a feeling of unity. The village streets are a combination of historical appeal and contemporary convenience, providing everything from small boutiques to comfortable eating locations.

4. Newberry

Newberry, Michigan — Mi Roadtrip

Nestled in the heart of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Newberry is a hidden gem. This little town, surrounded by lush woods and lovely lakes, is more than simply attractive; it’s a thriving community, making it one of the greatest locations to live in the Midwest. The feeling of belonging here is apparent, with friendly folks and a warm, inviting environment.

Downtown Newberry is a beautiful combination of historic beauty and contemporary comforts. The local cafés and stores overflow with charm, each presenting a tale of the town’s rich background. Community activities, from local markets to seasonal festivals, are the lifeblood of this close-knit community, bringing both enjoyment and a feeling of connection.

5. Munising

Greeted by the spectacular vistas of Lake Superior, Munising stands as a gorgeous masterpiece in Upper Michigan. This lakefront sanctuary is not simply a picturesque joy but also one of the excellent areas to reside in Upper Michigan. Here, the lake’s turquoise waters and the sky’s limitless expanse mix in a stunning view.

The town’s attractiveness is accentuated by its dynamic community. Streets packed with pleasant cafés and interesting stores reflect Munising’s warm and inviting atmosphere. Local artists and businesses flourish, encouraged by a community that values connection and friendship.

6. Crystal Falls

Crystal Falls, where nature’s majesty meets small-town charm, is a hidden treasure in Upper Michigan. This town, with its gorgeous surroundings and welcoming people, stands out as one of the greatest spots to reside in Upper Michigan. The undulating hills and glittering streams provide a picture of nature at its best.

Life here is a wonderful combination of calm and communal spirit. The old city, with its wonderfully maintained buildings, reveals tales of a colorful history. Local festivals and events are a monument to the town’s dynamic communal life, where neighbors become friends.

7. Hancock

Perched on the gorgeous Keweenaw Peninsula, Hancock provides a unique combination of natural beauty and cultural diversity, making it a terrific location to live in Upper Michigan. This lovely town, with its ancient buildings and magnificent shoreline, emits a feeling of warmth and inviting community spirit.

Hancock’s lively legacy is reflected in its well-preserved buildings and local museums. The town embraces its Finnish heritage with traditional festivals, injecting a sense of history and culture into daily life. This cultural tapestry provides richness to the town’s identity, making it more than merely a gorgeous site.

8. Ishpeming

City of Ishpeming | located in Marquette County in the Upper Peninsula of  Michigan

In the heart of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Ishpeming emerges as a destination that masterfully mixes history with natural beauty. Known for its mining background, this town provides a unique living experience, standing proudly as one of the most livable places in Upper Michigan. Its rich history is woven into the fabric of daily life, giving it a unique flavor.

Ishpeming’s downtown area offers a lovely combination of ancient structures and contemporary conveniences. Here, community activities and local businesses flourish, creating a vibrant and pleasant environment. The town’s dedication to maintaining its legacy while embracing the present adds to its attractiveness.

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9. St. Ignace

Overlooking the magnificent Straits of Mackinac, St. Ignace stands as a beacon of natural beauty and historical depth. This quaint town is more than simply a gateway to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula; it’s a community where the past and present merge effortlessly, producing one of the greatest cities to live in Upper Michigan. The appeal of St. Ignace is obvious in its stunning scenery and diverse cultural tapestry.

Walking around St. Ignace, you’re welcomed by a mix of small businesses and cafés, each giving a look into the town’s warm attitude. The waterfront promenade is a fantastic site to enjoy the calm views of the straits, a popular activity for residents and tourists alike.

10. Paradise

Paradise, according to its name, is a piece of paradise in Upper Michigan. This quiet village, set along the shores of Lake Superior, provides a calm respite from the rush of everyday life. It’s a location where nature’s splendor is on full show, making it one of the greatest Upper Michigan communities to reside. The tranquil atmosphere and breathtaking scenery make an ideal background for a peaceful existence.

The community in Paradise is as hospitable as the scenery are magnificent. Residents enjoy a close-knit, friendly community where friendships grow. The town’s local enterprises, from beautiful inns to comfortable cafés, contribute to its small-town charm.