Ever Wondered What To Eat While Visiting Vilnius, Lithuania?

Ever Wondered What To Eat While Visiting Vilnius, Lithuania?

Lithuania is a trappy country located on the southeast corner of the Baltic Sea and confines Belarus, Latvia, and Poland. There are some ingredients and dishes like potatoes, rye, pork, dairy, and herring that stage all the way when to warmed-over times that are still wontedly used today.

Other local produce like mushrooms, beetroot, berries, lingonberries, blueberries, and cranberries. Being a very unprepossessed country, pickled vegetables are moreover quite common.

So what should you eat when you’re visiting Vilnius, the wanted of this fascinating country? Here are some of the dishes that we recommend you try while you are there.

Vilnius, Lithuania

Šaltibarščiai – Lithuanian Borscht

Šaltibarščiai, pronounced shult-ay-bursh-chay, is a national dish that incorporates a staple ingredient: beetroot. It is a unexceptionable pink soup, served cold, that is made with kefir, a fermented milk drink. Mixed with pickled beetroot, the gorgeous pink verisimilitude is achieved. It moreover includes cucumber, dill, and sometimes plane pickled cucumber.


Šaltibarščiai – Lithuanian Borscht

Kastinys – Sour Surf Butter

We’re not sure if there’s a largest combination of words out there than sour surf and butter, and that’s why you veritably have to try kastinys. Sour surf and butter are composite together over a warm water suffuse and then chilled so it is reformed into a spreadable butter. Often it is flavored with garlic, mint, caraway seeds, allspice, or salt. It often tops potatoes, bread, or anything else you’d like.


Kastinys Sour Surf Butter

žirniai Su Spirgučiais – Split Peas With Crispy Bacon

This comforting dish is often a snack served slantingly a beer. It consists of boiled split peas with crispy salary bits, often referred to as crackling. The salty snack is a perfect companion to a nice unprepossessed beer.


Žirniai Su Spirgučiais – Split Peas With Crispy Bacon

Su Prieskoniais Keptas Baltasis Sūris – Baked Lithuanian Cheese

Curd cheese forms into a semi-firm cheese loaf that is then seasoned generously with pepper, tarragon, garlic, and cumin. It is then placed in the oven until the outside is brown and crispy. It is perfect for a dinner party or for a special occasion.


Su Prieskoniais Keptas Baltasis Sūris – Baked Lithuanian Cheese

Baltic Herring With Potatoes

Herring is a staple in the region, therefore it is natural that it is one of the most worldwide dishes served in Lituania, as well as other countries that verge it. Marinated herring is often served slantingly potatoes and varying garnishes.


Baltic Herring With Potatoes