Airbnb Added New Features That Include Flexible Booking

Airbnb has introduced several new features that include new styles of accommodations, provisions for a seamless work from home experience, and flexible booking options.


You Can Stay At Unique Accommodations

The visitor moreover introduced new search categories that include off the grid, luxe homes, ski-in/ski-out homes, and offbeat homes that include sleeping in a giant Idaho potato or a spaceship. These unique wits are perfect for an heady getaway, expressly for long weekends like Thanksgiving weekend. Airbnb told Travel Leisure that the visitor has seen increasingly than 40% increasingly nights booked in the U.S. in 2021 than Thanksgiving weekend 2019. The visitor has moreover spoken that it will be expanding its flexible search option, which it first rolled out in May 2021. This will indulge people to squint for a home for up to 12 months in whop instead of 6 months in advance. Catherine Powell, the global throne of hosting at Airbnb, shared: “If you are flexible well-nigh where and when you travel… you can be inspired by the home as opposed to the location. We’ve unfurled to be creative in the categories we’ve introduced.”

The Visitor Is Upgrading Its WFH Amenities

This flexibility translates to longer holiday stays, which is a trend that has been ongoing for months. The visitor is moreover seeing a 19% increase in nights booked for long-terms stays for December, and a 68% increase in the U.S. as compared to the same time period in 2019. This is why Airbnb has chosen to upgrade its work from home offerings, including a verified WiFi feature. That full-length will test the host’s internet speed, which will be automatically posted on the site. Powell said: “The Wi-Fi filter has been used 288 million times this year alone, the third most popular filter without pets and pools.” The long-term stay is popular with working people, but moreover with travelers month between 60 and 90 as well. Powell shared that the visitor is “constantly, relentlessly innovating and ensuring we produce the right tools and the right services to meet these waffly needs of both our hosts and our guests.”

You Can Now Book Your Stay 12 Months In Advance