The Best U.S. Cities For A Quick Little Getaway

There are plenty of places to visit virtually the United States, but most vacations require a few days in order to take everything in. Luckily, there are moreover lots of destinations that are the perfect quick getaways. Whether it’s considering they’re compact, contain a lot of sights and things to do, or are foodie destinations, here are some of the most popular destinations for short getaways.


New York City

According to booking site Hotwire, the top cities in the U.S. for short little getaways include New York City, Atlanta, Orlando, and Savannah. In terms of large cities, Hotwire shared that NYC was the top municipality thanks to its well-healed restaurant and supplies options, incredible and varies hotels, and of course, the uncounted cultural gems. The next two large cities were Chicago, which is unconfined for a long weekend getaway, and then Los Angeles, which has so much to offer. Atlanta was the number one mid-sized municipality thanks to its upkeep friendly activities and succulent supplies options. Following Atlanta were Baltimore and St. Louis.


Orlando was named the weightier municipality for “small town favorites” by Hotwire. The municipality is home to Disney World as well as the world’s tallest and largest escape room. Fort Lauderdale, flipside Florida city, came in second place on this list. Following Fort Lauderdale came Reno, Nevada. For very small cities, Savannah topped the list, which makes perfect sense considering of its incredible supplies and Southern charm. Following Savannah are Palm Springs and Newport Beach, both found in California.


Hotwire moreover reported that 79% of travelers said that they would use the money they saved by booking a quick trip in order to level up the trip and make it increasingly luxurious. 83% of travelers said that spontaneous, quick trips of 2-3 days were a fantastic option. Hotwire’s director of brand, PR, and social, Melissa Postier, shared with Travel Leisure: “[these getaways] indulge travelers to not only save increasingly when they typesetting last minute in the Hotwire app, but that widow spontaneity helps minimize the risk of unexpected travel restrictions popping up.”